Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Winner Is:

Being lit from below by 44 birthday candles isn't exactly flattering, but there you go. This was the best shot of the batch. Lighting is an issue for me these days, and don't even get me started about the horror that is my new driver's license photo. Even the DMV person suggested that I should keep the old photo on the new license. Great.

Anyway, wow! So many great birthday greetings! Thanks so much everyone, I am feeling like I must be way cool to have so many awesome people reading me here. And I am very happy that so many of you de-lurked, and I am also looking forward to reading though a whole bunch of interesting new blogs.

But really, despite my call for birthday greetings, I set up this contest for a different reason. I wanted to give on my birthday rather than be given to. You know, kinda how my kids have always taken cupcakes in to school on their own birthday, to share with their friends? Even though I ended up doing the extra baking, I was glad to, because I thought it was a good thing for them to do; to share on a day that they expected to receive so many things, attention, gifts, etc. So with that in mind, I was thinking that a contest would just be fun and I could give away the art that I so love to do. Turns out though that I received a lot too, more than I intended and so much that I appreciate. So to everyone that left a comment, from Diane through Emily NYC, whether you are in the US or not, please email meprivately. I would like to send a little (very little) something to each of you (and um, it won't be right away, but sometime in the next few months). We'll just call it the old lady version of handing out cupcakes at school, 'k?

And now before I get too mushy and begin handing out everything I have ever made, here are the contest results:

My daughter Ginger, drawing the name from 46 slips of paper in a jelly jar:

And the winner is (Ginger is laughing here because the name she is reading is the same as a character in the Arthur books):


(Glad you de-lurked Binky, email me!)


p said...

i love the pictures, fun stuff.
glad you had so many responses, thats fun too yes?
(thats awful about the DMV photo)I can relate...

Vern Schwarz said...

Wow, quite the bonfire, hope nobody got hurt. Sights like this remind me why those huge number candles are so popular...not nearly as much fun though. Great blog party!

Laura said...

I'm so sorry I missed the contest, haven't kept up with any blogs getting ready for my first show, but maybe I can actually buy a piece in the near future. Happy Birthday wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

That was really fun! :-)

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Paula, yeah, DMV photos are a real bitch if you ask me. i have never had a good one....GREAT to have so many responses, I knew I had a good number of readers but many of them are pretty quite.

Vern, no hair singed although my son's hair which is longer than mine, came pretty close! Thanks for participating on my bday!

Hey, Laura, ahh, too bad you missed it, but getting ready for a show is way more important. Maybe next year:))

Thanks Lucie! It WAS pretty cool huh?

Thanks Shea!

Lisa Call said...

Belated Happy Birthday. This is why I should read blogs everyday.

Sounds like a really excellent birthday to me.

SYLVIANE said...

Happy birthday, Tracy!
congratulations for your painting, and be sure, you are very young!

Mim said...

i have decided that 44 is the new 30.
So at 42 I must be...hmm... (counting on fingers and taking slippers off to count toes..) 16!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Yeah, Lisa, I was wondering where you were!

Sylviane, Thanks and yes I know age is relative. I thought my mother was ancient at 44 and here I am, 44 and still feeling like a teenager. Well, in my head anyway:)

Michelle, I like your way of doing math!