Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Minute, As Always

Colorful Trees, 2008, Oil on Gessobord, 6x6

Posting is going to be a bit challenging for me in the next few days. And probably a bit challenging for you readers as well, particularly if you are waiting to hear some art talk. Not much going on in my studio, well except my beloved project table will be getting some use as we all take turns wrapping our gifts tomorrow.

I am clinging to the desperate hope that I will in fact break with a 15 year tradition and actually begin wrapping gifts BEFORE 11pm on Christmas Eve. I tried to get to it all day TODAY, a whole day and a half in advance which seems ridiculously early, I know. But I kept getting distracted by things like shoveling a path in three feet of snow in order to get water to the chickens (theirs freezes at night), making cookie dough, starting a really hard puzzle with my daughter (we got the edges put together, then managed to get exactly two more pieces in the whole rest of the day), doing a bit of last minute shopping in town, and then making homemade pizza for dinner.

Now I am writing this post, and thinking that I COULD wrap all of the gifts tonight, if I stand up and start RIGHT NOW. On the other hand I am also noticing that my chair is pretty damn comfortable and it sure is nice to be sitting down.

Crap. I have a feeling that tomorrow night is gonna be a late one.


Making A Mark said...

With me it's Christmas cards.......

Best portrait by a female artist starts with one you might find familiar

Shanster said...

But it's TRADITION! :) Have fun with your late night wrapping presents!! Merry Christmas!

Casey Klahn said...

OOOO. That project table is the bomb. My high table stands on a solid wooden cot, and resides with Lorie's framing stuff. A total wreck underneath...maybe it needs those cubbies.

Also got an architect's drafting table (read: big, heavy metal) but it gathers junk under like mad.

You are the smartest artist IMO for getting that table.

Anonymous said...

Well done. This is a good work.

Unknown said...

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