Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Next To Last Performer at Woodstock

A rather odd thing is going on and I am hoping someone can give me the scoop.

I was just checking my stats, I am not quite so obsessive about it as I was at first but I still check them once in awhile. I noticed that I am getting hits from all over the country, from different locations, from people doing searches for "the next to last performers at Woodstock". My blog comes up because I talk about Woodstock, the town, ad nauseum. But isn't it odd that so many searches for the same topic would be done from so many different locations? Maybe someone who is doing the search will see this and will let me know. I am curious!

By the way, it was Sha-na-na.


Peter Yesis said...

I love to visit your sight. Your work is so different from mine but I find it very refreshing to look at.
Maybe the answer to your mystery is a piece National Public radio did about a week ago. They interviewed a member of "The Band". I don't remember his name but he gives free concerts once a month in Woodstock. THat might explain it.

tlwest said...

Hahaha I saw Shana... -whatever in Hawaii they were great in gold!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Great work.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Peter, glad to hear from you! I like your blog and your work too!

That must have been an interview with Levon Helm. We just recently went to one of those concerts and I did write about it on the blog. Actually I think the searches may be stemming from a message forum. I also was getting a lot of hits from, a forum where people discuss Phil Lesh and the Grateful Dead. And since I have written about all of that stuff recently, my blog comes up. Hope my concert reviews don't sounds silly to all of these serious fans!

Hi Terri, I remember watching Sha-Na-na's tv show that they had after the movie Grease, which they were in. The skits were awful, but their performances were pretty entertaining.

Hi Angela, glad you visited, I have read through your blog every so often and I like your work too!