Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Some of you may have noticed that this afternoon there were many, many copies of today's entry posted. It's not that I thought that it was such a fabulous post or that I wanted to REALLY brag about winning a prize. We have been having some weather today and our satellite has been going in and out. I was trying to fix the post by re-posting with the correct date and blogger was pretending to not accept it, but secretly it was posting all of them.

Alas, in deleting the duplicate posts, I lost comments from Rebecca and Meno. So here is my response to you two- Rebecca, thanks for the kind words about this piece, my colors and edges. Meno, I agree with you, art supply shopping is the best. I do miss actually shopping in art stores, but I have to settle for an adreneline rush when the Dick Blick catalog comes in the mail.

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