Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Opening Reception

Before I managed to work myself up into a full blown tizzy about how many problems my computer must have that I don't know how to fix, James kindly informed me that Blogger is all messed up and posting an image results in a program crash. So no image today either, as the issue does not seem to have been resolved yet.

Monday night's opening at the Smithy-Pioneer Gallery was a lot of fun. It was a group show at a local gallery and the last show of the season. So plenty of the locals usually show up and Doug and I chatted with many of our friends and acquaintances that we hadn't seen much of this summer. No sales for me with the exception of a small study that I had tacked up next to my name on the wall, 40 bucks, woo-hoo. But the buyers were a couple that had bought a painting at last year's show to give to their daughter. They raved about my work as did many others. My ego has been fed for now, so it's all good.

Renewed excitement for the seemingly endless painting that I must do for the time being really affected my studio time on Tuesday. I am very pleased with the paintings I was able to nearly finish, (it's usually at least a 2 or 3 day process after the under painting is dry) and totally look forward to getting in there all day today. I will start posting these paintings next week. Many of them will be included in my upcoming show at the Enderlin Gallery in Roxbury, NY, and others will go off to the Harrison Gallery or to Salt Meadow Gallery. By some freak of nature, those two galleries are really on a tear (having a solo show helps), selling a lot of my work. It all goes in cycles, I have learned, and I know not to get too excited about many sales or too bothered by a lack thereof.

Oh please, who am I kidding-it's totally exciting to sell a lot of work and a dry spell can be a real drag. It's just all in how you handle it.


Karen Jacobs said...

Good hear of all the sales. It's evidence that people are buying so hopes go up all around. Here in the south, a big sale, thought not unheard of, is rare in the summer. But somehow, the year-end figures usually come in somewhere close to expected, in spite of all the nail biting. I'm ready for cooler weather!

Karen Jacobs said...

Me again... about the image uploading problem... I've been hearing a number of people complain about this problem, but I've not had a bit of trouble uploading. I went to the Blogger forum to see what was being said and there is some indication that it may be a browser problem. I use Firefox which seems to be Blogger's browser of choice. Some using IE and Safari are having problems... which blogger sez it's working on. Read here:

Tracy Helgeson said...

Hi Karen, Many of the sales I have are "seasonal", some sell in the summer, some in the winter, it all evens out. Do you show in any galleries in the north?

I use Safari and so that seems to be a problem all of a sudden. I hope they fix it soon-I don't know about changing browsers-that is well beyond what I can understand afraid. Thanks for the link-looks as if others are annoyed as well.

meno said...

Do you know how brave you are to be selling bits of yourself to strangers? I cannot even imagine.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Interesting way of looking at it Meno, I have never really thought that selling my work is like selling bits of myself, though I guess it is. Mostly, I am still surprised that anyone is the slightest bit interested in what I am doing.