Thursday, June 14, 2007


Having a studio that is open to the rest of the house has a few risks, especially if one is a pet owner.

This morning I went to get to work (at 9am, thank you very much!) and I found that one of our four cats left a memento on the chair at my easel. Clearly, the offender didn't have enough time to get to their usual spot for barfing up hairballs, which is usually on the hand made persian rug in our office or right outside our bedroom door, where Doug invariably steps on it first thing in the morning.

So a little scrubbing had to be done, a towel located to sit upon, and then to work.


meno said...

I have three cats. I see enough real hairballs without having to look at one on your blog. :)

Kesha Bruce said...

If you keep posting stuff like this, my friends & family will stop envying my glamorous artist lifestyle! Shhhhhhh!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Meno, haha. At least I didn't post the close up shots that I took:)

Kesha, I know, everyone's illusions will be shattered about our ever so cool lives.

Next up: cat pee on my birch panels:)

Steven LaRose said...


um. I can't even one-up that. This week my dog's been good, she only ate some barf down by the railroad tracks (on this morning's walk).

Steven LaRose said...

Oh, and Byzantine Blue Road is a choice painting. Sorry I'm late on the draw, looks like everyone rallied good points around it however. Bigger paintings, bigger tools, new tools, different medium ratios, it isn't so easy is it

Tracy Helgeson said...

I don't know Steven, eating barf (her own or someone else's?) sounds worse than a hairball on a fabric chair if you ask me.

Thanks regarding the big painting. I is definitely a struggle for me to be consistent at the larger scale. Will keep going though.