Monday, June 18, 2007

Gagging on Birthday Cake

Dynamic Duo, 2007, Oil on Panel, 12x16

Posting may be a bit sporadic for the next week or so. Things are incredibly hectic here as it is the last few days of school, sports and other activities are winding down. Plus I am still working on things for the show in July and tomorrow is the beginning of our family's birthday season. Due to poor planning by Doug and I (actually, it was no planning at all, heh), we have three birthdays, one per week, for the next three weeks. Hard to believe that I could get sick of birthday cake, but by July 5 it does happen. We used to alternate years for birthday parties, so they wouldn't all fall in the same birthday season, but we got off track last year and now we have two parties coming up, one involving ten tweens for a sleepover and the other is a torturous three hour party at a very loud and flashy roller rink for a dozen almost third graders (comes to a grand total of five birthday cakes). Although I don't drink alcohol, these are the occasions that make me wish for a few stiff drinks, not to mention a long vacation alone in Bermuda.

I will continue discussing gallery issues with the next post. Unless I am laying on a beach somewhere. Heh, as if.


amber said...

OMG Tracy reading your blog is like reading my schedual

B-day season here too my 4 are born in summer and so seems to be the whole family gets $$$

Love your stuff I missed visiting here

Your's and ED Maskevich's color gusto has changed me :)

Making A Mark said...

Makes me wonder why you're always celebrating late September / early October!

Now if you'd just gone on the long vacation alone in Bermuda instead then you wouldn't be gagging on cake now!

tlwest said...

hehe I look at the "chucky cheese" place and say I will never go in there agan! My kids our OUT around the corner but OUT and we are enjoying having doggies. There is hope!