Friday, June 1, 2007

Projects All Around Me

Yellow Hillside, 2007, Oil on Panel, 24x24

Just a quick hello today. I have been inundated with kid-related activities (the last few weeks of school are like no other-packed full of field trips, parties, picnics and half days, which I suspect are specifically designed to torture the parents) and painting for an upcoming show in Cape Cod, in addition to supplying a few other galleries with new work. Not to mention trying to get a few hours working in the garden each day.

So my computer time has been limited, posting as well as reading and commenting on others have been extremely curtailed. However, Kesha left a comment here a few weeks back and when I checked out her blog I was intrigued to hear that she had just returned from a one month residency at the Vermont Studio Center.

I have put the option of doing residencies out of my head even though I would love to do one and it is an area of my resume that is definitely lacking. It has always seemed impossible for me to leave my life and family for any length of time. But when I read Kesha's posts about her residency and after looking at the VSC website it occurred to me that there are a few times of the year where I could actually go away for a month. January and February usually have nothing going on. And my husband, the saint, is supportive of this possibility even though it will be a ton of extra work for him and will curtail his ability to work at his showroom each week, during that month.

So I am going to apply. There just so happens to be a deadline coming up on June 15 and I am working on the application. I have always had the feeling about these kinds of residencies that my work is not conceptual enough, or is too representational or frankly, just not good at all. But Kesha assured me that there was a really wide variety of artists accepted so maybe I have a shot.

In the meantime though, I am off to get a few plants into the ground. Then back into the studio for the afternoon.

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