Monday, June 4, 2007

My Cover Shot

I am amazingly nonphotogenic, but this photo of me is marginally ok. On Friday I was fooling around with the photo booth feature on my computer and while most of the shots were bad (I am just old enough to be thinking about staying away from natural light, especially around a camera) there were a few that I would consider actually showing in public. If I can ever figure out how to add a photo to my blogger profile, I will use this one.

Doug thinks it looks like an album cover shot, which is comical because in addition to not being photogenic, I am also not musically talented whatsoever. However, I do confess to the occasional daydream about really being able to belt out a Janis Joplin tune on stage and now I have an image to put on the CD. Heh.


Lynnea said...

That is an awesome photo!

meno said...

That is a nice shot. Blooger has instructions on how to add a picture to your profile.

Steven LaRose said...

photobooth has taken over my family. My six year old could spend all day with her friends mugging in front of that tiny little mirror. . . and then the filters are soooo funny!

I added my picture from photobooth in a way that I am sure is bass ackwards. I opened a new post and uploaded the picture from my desktop (using the small option). Then I clicked the little "edit html" tab thingy that is over by the preview option in the top right. Then I copied the code in parantheses for the image, then I pasted that into the edit profile image option. . . just like that. . . but don't delate the post, save it as a draft, or your image goes away.

Ya look like totally singer-songwriter solo album, after a couple years after your short lived alternative band made it to number one. (I hear she spent all that time painting and didn't pick up the guitar once)

Schuivert said...

I would do about that same as Steve says to put your excellent picture in your profile.

But since your picture is already there in this post I would suggest:

Right click on this new picture on your blog, there is an option called "properties" in the menu that appears.

Click that.

it says somewhere on the new menu "location" and then follows a long address starting with etc...

Select and copy that complete address

Then go to blogger, -your profile - make sure you are logged in and click on "edit profile"

Half ways it says "Photograph" and "photo url"

Past the address you just copied there and click "save profile" at the bottom of the page.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks, Maggie. Gotta love sepia tone.

Thanks Meno. I have followed Blogger's instructions, as well as Steve and Bart's suggestions and still I cannot get the photo to post. I am probably missing something basic, but can't figure it out.

Steven, My kids love the photo booth too. They like the distorted effects and we have tons of pictures where they (and the cats) look like they came in from Roswell:) Thanks for the additional info for my musical daydreams, love the number one album part.

Thanks, Bart. I tried your suggestion but the photo doesn't show up.

I am going mental and I blame blogger.

Schuivert said...
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Anonymous said... I'll know who it is when you knock on my door!!! =)
Great it!!

te said...

Great Shot! Totally arty, mysterious - yet approachable - looks like if I stick around long enough, you'll turn and offer some great wise words - speaking of which... got any for balancing art and momhood?

Tracy Helgeson said...

Mom, thanks and glad you'll be able to recognize me now.

Thanks Roxanne. I have no real advice. I didn't do any painting at all while my kids were really young, I couldn't have been the parent I wanted to be if I had had my focus somewhere else. When my youngest went off to school, I found I could work during the day and be a parent the rest of the time. Multi-tasking and a great husband helps too:)

te said...

Thanks for the visit, Tracy! So, there's no magic pill? So, I AM insane???

Checking your list...I've got the great husband and I'm doing the multi-tasking - I was just hoping my little munchkin would sleep so I could squeeze in a couple of hours here and there. I have scaled way back - just planning a couple of open studio events - if I have to choose, my son wins - hands down!

(FYI - linking you under artist moms on my blog)

Chris Rywalt said...

A) Tracy, you're beautiful.

B) This photo is very good, and shows your personality, too.

C) I know A from meeting you, not from the photo.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Roxanne, no magic pill, but you're not insane either, just normal:) Well as much as we all are of course.

Aww, shucks. Thanks Chris, I am blushing. In sepia.