Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Zero to Eighty in Less Than a Week

Front and Center, 2007, Oil on Panel, 18x18

So for no apparent reason our satellite dish, yet again, moved just enough so that it lost the signal. Usually when this happens Doug goes up on the roof and fiddles around with it while I shout up to him through a window to tell him what number the signal strength is from the computer. We used to call for a serviceman to come out but they would take days and sometimes weeks to come and just do what Doug can do anyway. But naturally, this time, he was in Chicago most of last week at a trade show and didn't get home until last night. And while I can do many things, climbing a ladder (not to mention getting back down) to the roof is not one of them. The internet went down Friday, with just a few brief minutes up on Saturday and Sunday morning, leaving me feeling alienated from the entire world. For instance, I only just learned today that Larry Birkhead may soon be getting custody of his daughter and taking her back home to the US. Heh. It wasn't so bad actually, I got a lot done around the house, but did have to redirect whenever I wanted to look something up or check on the news or whatever.

Anyway, a few interesting things happened on Saturday, which I'll discuss tomorrow when I have more time. For now I just wanted to say hi again and to mention the fact that last Monday the kids had a snow day, while this Monday was 80 degrees and perfectly sunny and beautiful.

Gotta love spring around here!


Chris Rywalt said...

Serves you right for living up in the Arctic Circle.

Tracy Helgeson said...

They probably have a better internet connection up there:)

Deb Lacativa said...

My friend Peg lives not far from you (Morris) and she's had to keep 7 new lambs in her kitchen due to the wacky weather up there. Be glad you only have chickens!

Lynnea said...

Well we had the same crazy weather. But I'm not complaining about the 80 degrees - love the warmth and the snow is almost gone. Almost.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Ooh! I would love to have lambs in the kitchen! Well until they poop, but that's always the deal breaker isn't it:) What kind of sheep does she have?

Maggie, Even after a few pretty hot days, we still have a few very stubborn chunks of snow on the north side of our house. Seemed very odd while everyone was running around in shorts all weekend!