Thursday, April 19, 2007

OK, I Confess to Watching American Idol. So Sue Me.

In Front of a Pond, 2007, Oil on Panel, 8x10

Well, after five years, I finally caved in. This year I am watching American Idol. I never got on the bandwagon before for various reasons, but this year my kids were interested and I decided to relax their no TV during the week rule (but no voting, no need to actually participate in pop culture). So we watch it together and I have to admit that I have enjoyed it.

In fact, it has reminded me a bit of art school. Many talented hopefuls and really just a small percentage will find success within the field they prefer, and only one or two will become really well known. And if they do become successful, they will be revered/admired/envied/hated/branded a sell-out, by the losers. Oh and in art school, the hopefuls must endure numerous public critiques by professors who are much more cruel/honest than Simon, before they get weeded out.

Anyway, I confess to feeling a bit disappointed/relieved that Sanjaya was voted off last night. I rather enjoyed his presence and while he certainly was not the best singer, I found him to be one of the most engaging performers of the group. But I had mixed feelings about the campaign surrounding him. It was kind of satisfying to see the whole corporate, big money structure getting messed with, yet I felt badly that a 17 year old boy (not to mention the other contestants) was essentially being goofed on. However, I suspect Sanjaya will do fine now. He'll probably get a contract and maybe even have a few hits, thanks to fans like my "tween" daughter. Hopefully he will save his money just in case his fame is fleeting.

And so we will continue on to the end. My favorites are Jordin and Melinda, but ultimately I hope neither of them will win. While everyone wants to win a contest, winning isn't always winning, you know?


Steppen Wolf said...

In front of a pond is very nice. The usual mixture of haze, and colors get me into a fuzzy diffuse state of linking the oil... good one.
I do not watch idol, but I did hear about Sanjaya...

meno said...

Oh no, you've gone over to the dark side!!!!

Anonymous said...'s those voices she's been hearing...

Martha Marshall said...

Beeyootiful painting as usual, Tracy!

I watched Idol once, when it was twelve contestants and now I'm not sure who's left. Guess I'll watch the remaining ones. At the time there were a couple of phenomenal singers, Lakisha and Melinda.

Making A Mark said...

It's OK Tracy - you've got company. I have to resist sneaking a peek before we get in Friday evenings. But I get to watch it all in one go - the show and then the results.

And I don't care how boring people think Melinda might be when she gets interviewed she's most definitely NOT boring when she does one of the numbers she does best. :D

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Sunil, and yes, I think everyone must know about Sanjaya by now!

That's me Meno, dark!

Thanks Martha, Now it's down to six, and there are a few good singers left I guess. I hear that this crop isn't as good as in the past years, but I don't know.

Yes! Katharine is with me! Melinda has a great voice, but I think I like Jordin better. I always like a good contest though.