Friday, April 6, 2007

Thanks Folks

Trees Barely There, 2007, Oil on Panel, 8x10

Thanks so much to everyone who sent their good wishes, publicly, privately and telepathically in response to yesterday's post about my mother's cancer. She had the Gamma Knife Radiation yesterday. And by the way, I love the sound of that, Gamma Knife, it's like college sorority and futuristic all at the same time, Gamma Knife, Gamma Knife. I could just say it all day. Anyway, the procedure went fine, she was enjoying the morphine when we spoke last night and she and her husband will be driving back home today (they had to drive several hours to another city to have it done).

Today is the first day of spring break and the kids will be home all next week. Great timing because I am just starting to feel intense pressure to get the work together for my upcoming show at Enderlin Gallery at the end of May. I was hoping to have the work finished at the end of April so that I can take a week or so to visit my mother, before the show opens. So between trying to get a few hours of studio time in here and there, coordinating sleep overs and play dates and possibly tackling spring cleaning, I think that my posts here will be a bit spotty next week. I may put up a few paintings, but won't have much time for writing, I think.

Which is fine, we can all have a break from my constant yammering. Heh.


gary rith said...

Yes, looking at the exhibit schedule on the right, it is easy to see you are busy. Have a nice easter, etc.

Unknown said...

Spring cleaning?? What's that? Give all the kids a bucket and a mop and you go hide and paint in your studio.

I'm glad your mom's treatment went well.

Our Easter break is just ending. The weather will be colder for Easter than it was for Christmas...that's just wrong, on every level.

By the way, you gave me some tips on finishing the sides of the gessobord birch panels. I tried it and love it. People have complimented the look everytime they see it.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Oh, don't worry, Jayne, the kids will play a very prominent part in spring cleaning. I will simply be supervising:)

Glad the info about finishing the edges helped!

Unknown said...

Hi there. I followed a link from Gary's site. Your work is simply gorgeous.

I'm glad to hear your mom is doing ok.

Holly Friesen said...

Hello Tracy,
I'd like to introduce myself, I've been lurking lately and would like to thank-you for giving me the courage to create my own blog. Both your work and your life have inspired me tremendously! I am the mother of two daughters who put her "real" artwork on hold while raising the girls. I still painted, ran an art school but poured most of my creative energy into being with my girls while they were young.
My oldest daughter moved out on her 17th birthday (she's thriving and happy) and suddenly my world burst open when I picked up my oils again (after 20 years of watercolours). The artist in me bust out with a vengance! I almost destroyed my marriage and family because I didn't feel I could combine artist/mother/wife. After an excrutiating year I have discovered some balance and continue to expand on all horizons.

Some of your earlier blogs were really helpful for me and I thank you for sharing of your life so openly. I also really appreciated your recent trip to NY and all the great shows you saw and shared, made me feel like I was there!

Since I am in the process of trying to abstract or simplify my own landscape paintings your work has tremendous appeal for me. Your technique of layering colours creates a shimmering vibration that speaks all on it's own. I found your website while googling for Wolf Kahn at one point, whose work I also greatly admire. I am hoping to get to NY to see his show in April.

Once again, thanks for your blog and keep making those gorgeous colours with your paints.
Warm regards and Happy Easter,


Anonymous said...

I missed the post about your mother. My thoughts are with you.

Congrats on your NY gallery. I enjoyed the photo of your work in the window.