Friday, May 12, 2006


Sanguine Landscape, 16x20. Oil Stick on Paper, 2006

I am in the midst of a rather hectic day, so not much of a post from me today. Our weather is rainy and overcast, which is good as we really need the rain, but it also tends to make our satellite go down. Now it's up, but I have to finish up several paintings, make a casserole for an event that my son is attending this evening, pick up my car, uh, buy groceries so I can make the casserole and then I have the all important appointment to get my hair colored and cut. Really, I am not kidding, that's the most important thing on my agenda today. The kids at the social thing won't starve, we can have cereal for dinner and I can drive my husband's car for a few more days, but I can't possibly miss my hair appointment.

Oh and by the way, my hair color, the fake color that is, is pretty much the same as the color of the painting above. The hair color came first.

Have a nice weekend.

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