Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blog Links

Path to Pink Hills, 2006, Oil on Panel, 18x24

I have come across a few blogs lately that I have been enjoying and I wanted to share them with you.

My real life friend, Steve has a blog called Dubya & Me. It's a tongue in cheek discussion of how Dubya (yes, that Dubya) has insinuated himself into Steve's personal life on a daily basis. Pretty relevant subject these days, I'd say. Hopefully, Steve will post more often though, so we can enjoy his creativity, wit and possible paranoid delusions.

I know that many of you are already familiar with Paul Dorrell and his blog, but I just found it (clearly, I am a bit slow) and have been looking forward to each new post from him. Paul is very entertaining and has quite a colorful life story. He is the author of the book "Living the Artist's Life" (just ordered it from and he also owns Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, MO. After looking at the artists that he represents, I feel certain that my work belongs there as well, but he only represents work by regional artists. However, I will be stalking him without mercy if he ever changes that policy.

I have been reading Nancy Baker's blog for a few weeks now and really enjoy her sense of humor as well as her art. AND she just had a show in a NYC gallery which is what we all dream of isn't it? Her most recent post though, discusses the appalling manner in which the arts are treated at her daughter's school. Please read it, become as outraged as I did and find a way to help support the arts in our schools. If you think her story is unique, it's not. Next year my son will be in middle school. As a 6th grader he will have 10 art classes ALL YEAR and by 8th grade art is considered an elective.

And just so you all know that I am up on today's pop culture, go check out this blog, written by the writers of Grey's Anatomy. I love this show (and I really must bow to the late great St. Elsewhere here, of which I have seen every episode at least twice), even though it can be so stupid and cliched, but I am pretty sure that Patrick Dempsey would fall in love with me if only I could just catch his eye. Uh, just kidding my dear Doug. Anyway, if you feel like wasting a day looking at the computer this is the place to do it. After each post there are hundreds and hundreds of comments and they are pretty entertaining for the most part. People have very strong feelings about this show!

So go check out these blogs, drive up their stats and make me look really popular! OK?


Alanna Risse said...

You are popular! I vote you blogger prom queen!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks, Alanna, Popular? Prom gueen? Do I have to wear a dress? Get drunk? Stay out all night? Oh the pressure of popularity...