Friday, April 28, 2006

To Do List:

The Pink Side. 2006, Oil on Panel, 16x20

do 7 underpaintings for next week's work
fill out forms for competitions
errands, post office, video store, bank
hardware store in town to rent a tiller for the weekend
drive 45 minutes to Home Depot to buy some plants, garden pots etc, get back by 3:30
go to neighbor's to take care of their pets (they are out of town)
pack up son's backpack for weekend boy scout camping/hiking trip
pick up daughter from soccer practice
drop son off for his trip
3 mile walk
scoop cat litter
watch dvd

9am soccer game #1
11:30am soccer game #2
deliver girl scout cookies
clean and reorganize girl's room
clean house
3 mile walk
neighbor's house
scoop cat litter

prepare frames for finished paintings
tidy up studio
work in garden, weed, plant shrubs
pull out railroad ties in our secret garden, so we can till a new garden area
help with tiller
3 mile walk
neighbor's house
pick up son from camping trip
scoop cat litter
prepare underpaintings to begin color glazes on Monday
watch Cold Case, Grey's Anatomy


Ed Maskevich said...

I can remember those days well and I don't miss them one bit. Cold Saturday mornings running back and forth between two games. The years of softball and worst of all, swim meets. At swim meets we would sit in a humid, overheated pool arena, holding our winter gard and wait 45 minutes to see our daughter swim a 20 second heat. Wait another 30 minutes for more of the same.

And Girl Scout Cookies, Oy Vey!. My wife was the troop leader and our living room would be stacked high with cartons of cookies. Then high school meant band concerts, solo and ensemble festivals, orchestra concerts, and drama productions. It was tough then but now I can look back and smile about all of it.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Ed, your comments cracked me up!

No swimming, thankfully for us, as watching meets sound torturous, but we have already had a few plays and chorus performances and OH MY GOD, those are almost as bad as getting a root canal. For now, I am just hoping to make it through this soccer season....

Anonymous said...

My god Tracy - I am exhausted reading your Weekend itinerary! And you will have underpainted 7 canvases by Monday to boot? ..... I should be ashamed of myself.

P.S. I too am a reject ... just heard today and posted about it.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Hi Lesly, We got through Friday's schedule, although I did bail on the 3 mile walk. Exercise is always the first thing to go if I am the slightest bit busy.