Friday, April 21, 2006

Road Trip

Curve on Route 26, 2006. Oil on Panel, 12x24

Today we are off on a road trip. Not the road trips from my high school and early college days in rural Minnesota, but a middle aged version with kids. Instead of a crappy old beater of a car, a cooler of beer, junk food, loud rock music, sleeping 10 to a cheap motel room and coming home either still drunk or sick from a hangover, our trip will be in an SUV, with juice boxes and bags of trail mix, 2 adjoining rooms at the Radisson and Kid Bopz 4 in the CD player. We will, however, come home feeling hungover and the kids do tend to act drunk when they are overtired. At least some things remain the same.

I will leave you today with something that has been making me laugh for the last few days, yet is disturbing on so many levels: "I'm the decider".

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