Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Upstate Weather

Well, one of the many quirks about living in upstate NY is the weather. Last week the kids were wearing shorts and pulling out their sundresses and t shirts. This morning we woke up to a heavy, wet, stupid, windy, snowy day. It is simply painful to have this weather in April. So naturally, our satellite has been down all morning and I have not had access to the internet or emails. Sometimes I don't mind this, I can easily spend (waste) too much time on the computer and today I was able to to get a lot of work done in the studio. But still, it is an annoyance and I am glad that it is back up. However Blogger's format looks suspicious and it doesn't look like I can put up an image today. I am posting this and then getting the heck out of dodge before I mess anything up.

At least the phone is working. Last week our phone lines were down for two days, for no apparent reason. Our cell phones work out here, provided you are standing in one particular 4 foot square spot in our driveway. And to keep the power going we all take turns shoveling coal in the basement.

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