Friday, February 23, 2007

Thin Mints, Anyone?

Does anyone out there want to buy Girl Scout cookies? Seriously. They are $3.50 per box and I will ship them (US only-I must draw the line somewhere) to you for free.

I have two girls who are in scouts, we live in the middle of nowhere, and there is 27 stupid feet of stupid snow on the ground. Taking orders via my blog and paying for the shipping (did I mention that already?) seems much easier than trudging through the snow, door to door, only to find that they already ordered from the neighbor girl, who is much more industrious than we are.

My favorites are Caramel De-Lites, which used to have the much more interesting, but politically incorrect name of Samoas. In April, just around the time that I start stressing about how I am going to look in shorts in the summer, those damn things come in and mess me all up.

But surely you won't have that problem. Email me privately if you are interested in buying cookies. Really. I am serious. I'll pay for the shipping.


Andy said...

The name Samoa is still used. Samoa and Caramel DeLites simply indicate which variation of the cookie is in the box. For whatever reason the two bakeries that the Girl Scouts uses makes two slightly different cookies and are thus named differently.

When it first changed in my area I too thought it was some PC thing. Misguided and rather disappointing at that. I never saw any reason for someone to take offense with Samoas as I never saw anythings like negative caricature related to the marketing of the Samoas ala Aunt Jemima--which originated in black face minstrel shows. Until they switched from Samoas to Caramel DeLites always assumed the name was used because of the Coconut content of the cookies and the extreme prevalence of coconuts in Samoa's economy. It's one of their prime exports.

Tracy said...

Hi Andy, thanks and you are right! I am glad to know that the name of a cookie has not bowed to political correctness. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it did at some point.