Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ten Hours Later

At the risk of becoming like my weather obsessed mother (no offense Mom) I am putting up a bunch of photos concerning our current weather event. This is quite the winter storm and the most snow any of us have ever seen. The roads are closed, along with everything else and surely there will be no school tomorrow and possibly Friday.

I had to venture out to the hen house again to collect the day's eggs and there was twice as much snow this time. Their food which is kept in bins outside the door was buried in about two feet of snow. Which I had to dig out with my hands because the boys had mistakenly put the shovel that I keep out there, away in the garage. Digging it out by hand seemed much easier than trying to get back up to the house. But the chickens are fine and actually the snow piling up outside their door is creating good insulation. Their water didn't even freeze today!

Oddly, we still have power, phone service and satellite, which is why I am putting this post up now. Tonight we are supposed to have high winds and since the power often goes out here for no apparent reason, surely we will lose it after 40 inches of snow and wind gusts.

Our son was not happy about shoveling this morning. We finally let him off the hook.

Penny is keeping an eye on things.

Our patio is buried.

The kids have ventured out a few times, but there's no sledding yet. Mostly because there's no walking yet either.

Poor hens, they haven't been outside for weeks now. And it looks like it will be a few more at least.

We forgot to take the grill in last fall. I blame Doug.

My hero. Doug is shoveling me yet another path to the hen house.

Doug actually thinks that he will be able to drive down to the city tomorrow morning at 4am.

The bench on the patio.

We have a bit of an issue here. The top part of the storm window is missing and we haven't replaced it. Um, it's been four years. So when there's a lot of snow, it comes in and is probably rotting the sill, as I speak. I blame Doug for this too.

I know that this is a massive storm affecting a good part of the country (except for my mom with her silly little half inch of snow and 60 degree temps). I hope that everyone will stay safe and warm, hopefully at home with loved ones.


Weather-Obsessed-Mom said...

Well our 'silly' little 1/2 inch is gone tho it is still flurrying off and on and it won't get to the lo 60's till Fri. But your photos are beautiful and the kids look really thrilled to be posing in the snow for you =) And believe it or not, I really do miss all that snow and it's very nostalgic for me to see your pics...almost brings tears to my eyes. Honest. However...I also enjoy the milder winters.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed! I have never seen snow like that at my own house... what do you do for food when you are snowed in like that?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots Tracy...
You know, it actually looks like 'great fun' to me, but then again I don't get to see much snow around here!...
(Sydney - fine & sunny with light north winds tending moderate northeast on the coast in the afternoon - 80 Fahrenheit)

Tracy said...

Hi Weather-obsessed Mom, Cute. Yeah, I am sure this is a bit nostalgic for you. This is how I remember winters back in Rochester.

Lauren, Usually we are not quite so prepared, but this time we knew there was a big storm, so Doug picked up some groceries on Tuesday. We are all set for at least a few days, maybe more.

JR, it was sort of fun yesterday and wondrous as well. A lot of work but pretty cool too. Thanks for your weather update:)