Thursday, February 8, 2007


It's a very white day here today.

Yesterday ended up ok. No major mishaps in the studio and in fact, I managed to make some progress on two paintings. Well, in between doing nothing.

Today is much better although I did fall in the snow bank again. Kind of hard not to when they are nearly waist high and we are all too lazy to shovel a stupid path. But I wasn't carrying the chicken water this time and our neighbor, the cardio-thoracic surgeon was NOT driving by at the precise moment that I fell into the snowbank while carrying a bucket full of water and the chicken waterer thingy, like he did on Monday.

Can't ask for more than that.


Mom said...

....just thought I'd mention that we have sunshine, blue skies and 66 degrees.

meno said...

Your mom is MEAN!

Mom said...

No I'm not!!! I was just informing everyone of the weather in case they didn't check out the national forecast =) hehehehe!!! (well maybe I'm just a little sadistic)

Tracy said...

Thanks, Mom for the update. Does that mean you DON'T have snow?:) Gosh I thought everyone has snow right now.

Meno, no she's just weather obsessed:)

Lisa said...

We've had snow on the ground for 50 consecutive days here in Denver - we are nearing the record (69 days) that I suspect we'll have no problem passing.

Glad to know you are finally getting your share!

If you'd like I can ship some of it to your mom.

Mom said...

Lisa, if you had offered the snow at Christmas I might have taken you up on it, but it's too late now. Thanks anyway!!
p.s. unfortunately it's sunny again today and the temp is only 64. =)