Monday, February 5, 2007

Back at the Farm

This is what's up in my studio today.

My trip went smoothly, although it did start out with an extremely embarrassing moment, which I'll discuss tomorrow. I could keep it to myself (and Doug, and the gallery director), but one of my goals with this blog is to talk about all aspects of working as an artist, which includes my big stupid mistakes. Heh.

Anyway, I made it to Anderson-Soule Gallery in Concord NH, before they closed for the day. I had a nice chat with Terri, who works there, loaded up my paintings and went off to find my hotel. Had a lovely, peaceful evening watching tv and knitting. Nobody interrupted me! On Sunday I headed off to Williamstown Ma, but stopped on the way and did a bit of shopping at the chain stores that we don't have anywhere near where we live(probably a good thing ultimately). I bought a really nice book about Mark Rothko at Borders, crafty kinds of things at Michaels so that the girls can start making Valentines for their classmates, and a whole bunch of rather unnecessary, but fun things at Target.

At Harrison Gallery, I dropped off several pieces and loaded up a couple of the large paintings that were in the show and didn't sell. I spent some time talking art with Brian, one of the staff there. He is a painter and coincidentally, a few weeks ago, I had looked at his work on the website of that nice little gallery Three Graces (blogger Jeff Hayes shows there too), that Doug and I visited when we were in Portsmouth a few months ago, before I knew that it was his. Small art world. You can also see Brian's work here.

Driving home was the best part! I had taken along my iPod (I received a for Christmas from my brother in law, best gift ever!) and really enjoyed pretending that I can actually sing with as much power as Janis Joplin, as much attitude as The Killers, sadness as Damien Rice and with as much pain as my dear departed love, Rick Danko. I actually drove around the block in order to listen to It Makes No Difference so that I could hear it (for the 1 millionth time), because it started just as I turned on to our road and I was totally into a singing groove.

After being pretty stationary for the last two days I was looking forward to going for a walk this morning. However, it is incredibly cold, -24 wind chill and so I have elected to wait on that particular activity. I could ride my spinning bike, but then I'd have to find a place for all of the clothes that I keep on it. Heh.

PS. Our chickens have not gotten the memo about conserving their energy in cold weather, by not laying so many eggs. On Sunday we got 18 eggs, a half dozen more than usual. Big frittata for dinner tonight!


meno said...

I'm still stuck on the part where you got to spend an evening knitting and watching TV and no one interrupted you. Heaven.

Angela said...

You sound like you had a lovely exciting trip...and you must be really good at chicken keeper ;-)

Tracy said...

It WAS heavenly. I get to knit and watch tv at home, but always in between helping with showers, making a bed, cleaning up cat hairballs and finding a very important shirt for the next day. Guess that is a different kind of heaven.

Thanks Angela, yes, surprisingly I think I am a pretty good chicken keeper:) Either that or the two roosters are doing a really good job of fertilizing their ladies...

June Parrish Cookson said...

Glad to see you made it home safely. Must have been trecherous driving on slick roads. As far as singing and driving...can't do both without hitting curbsides along the way and scaring everyone else who happens to hear me when I hit the high notes. Best to be alone and have the windows rolled up.

Are you going to watch the grammy's? Usually I don't but one of my favorite singers James Hunter is nominated so there's reason enough.

Tracy said...

Hi June, I am with you on singing by myself. NOBODY needs to be hearing me sing!

The roads weren't bad, just a bit snowy when I left Friday am, just enough to make a slushy mess on my windshields.

I like James Hunter. Kind of retro. I might watch the grammy's, unless Fergie preforms that stupid song that won't leave me be:)