Thursday, February 15, 2007

Last Snow Photos-I Promise

The fence is just barely visible today.

The patio today. This is the north side of the house and the drifts get really high.

The snow finally stopped. That's the good news. Well, that and the fact that we still have power of course. This would all really suck if we had lost power. Instead it is just a pretty cool, if a bit intense winter snowstorm. Frankly, the fall weather that extended into late December was a bit unsettling, so I am not complaining about real winter weather. And we knew what we were getting into when we decided to move to upstate NY!

Plugging away.

Doug has spent the morning trying to shovel out the driveway by hand. He was supposed to leave for Florida today to go on a fishing trip with a friend and I think he thinks he could still go. That is, if he could just get the driveway cleared of the ten foot drifts so that he could move the car which is also almost completely covered with snow. The rest of us are taking turns helping, but the shovels are not holding up well. We don't have a snowblower, like everyone else within a 50 mile radius and no one who does plowing is available. So we are embracing our lack of technology and going it alone. Along with not very helpful child labor.

I don't care about the kid's brain development much today and will allow them to watch much more tv than usual in order for me to get into the studio. And I am running the bread machine so we can enjoy the smell of baking bread all day. Mmmmmm.

Our new porch, covered with snow.


Anonymous said...

Shirley.. Love all your photos. The snow on the countryside is beautiful, and you have a beautiful old house. Looks like a great life for your family. Stay safe and warm!

Jan said...

Reminds me of our years in Oswego. Look on the bright least it's not December!

Tracy said...

Thanks Shirley, It IS beautiful here, snow or no snow. And we love our old house-looks pretty shabby on the outside now, as it BADLY needs to be repainted (that will be done in May or so), but we remodeled the interior a few years ago and it is perfect. For the time being anyway:)

Jan, True our heavenly spring and summer is right around the corner! You lived in Oswego? Boy they sure got socked with snow this year-I think they got at least a hundred inches.

Katherine said...

I think I'm going to do a post at the weekend for all my UK readers. We had a big thing last week. It actually snowed in the middle of London where I live and we had a good two inches. Of course everything stopped / schools closed / trains were late / people didn't turn up for work!

I wouldn't mind but I seem to remember snow being quite a regular thing when I was young and we always kept going. So I thought some photos from friends in North America of 'real snow' plus a few links to sites with even better ones might cause us all to pause for thought! You now top the poll re good snow photos!!!

Tracy said...

Thanks Katherine! Here I thought I was braking some important rule of art blogs, by incessantly talking about the weather:-)

I seem to remember things not being affected so much when I was a kid too. Though we did have snow days, so perhaps my memory is distorted.

Katherine said...

Tracy - check out this post on my blog