Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Painterchick/Chickenfarmer Girl

South Side, 2010, Oil on Panel, 24"x18"

Good thing I have gotten some of my energy back, because there is a lot going on. Actually that probably is WHY I am getting it back, I HAVE to. Anyway, I am feeling enthusiastic again about working in the studio and just finished a really good group of paintings (see above). I am planning to focus on the 'People You Know' now, as I currently have plenty of landscapes in my inventory.

And life in general is particularly crazy right now. Both of my daughters have crazy busy sports schedules, one daughter is in softball with practice everyday and my youngest daughter is playing both softball AND soccer AND is also taking a Junior Lifeguarding class. And I am tired just writing this. Heh. Anyway, mostly this translates to A LOT of driving and scheduling and watching games for me. Plus we are getting into all the end of the year stuff; school concerts, dances, etc. Ok, nap time now......

Life on the farm is picking up too. The weather has been kind of wacky, and it has been really cold for the last several days which has been the perfect excuse to delay more work out in the vegetable garden. But there is MUCH to do out there and it is looming over us. I have been puttering around in the flower gardens but don't even ask me why there are a million dandelions IN the back flower garden. I need to get to that pretty soon. And this weekend we will be getting new 45 new chicks. I have decided to fully embrace being a painterchick/chickenfarmer girl and will be selling organic eggs, hopefully enough to at least pay for the organic feed. Our current flock of chickens are getting older and although they are still laying, they are slowing down so it's a good time to start a new flock. However, I am not exactly the culling chicken type, so we have decided to establish a second hen house. We have a 10x12 room in our garage that has its own door out to the yard and so Doug has been working on getting that room ready. It also has electricity which is VERY exciting, the other hen house is all pioneer with no power or water even remotely nearby. Chick pictures coming soon.

So I guess spring is a good time to get a girl out of a mild funk, eh?


patty a. said...

My goodness you are busy! The painting South Side is wonderful. My brother has two boys in soccer and baseball. He showed me the color coded schedule on the computer he has so he can keep track of all their games. I on the otherhand don't have any little kids so when I go home my time is what I make of it. It's nice in a way, but I find I do piddle away time. 45 chicks seems like a lot to me a city girl. Do chickens only lay one egg a day? Is there a store that will sell your eggs or will it be word of mouth? I know if I lived close I would love to buy some organic eggs from you!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Tracey, you're a 'chick' after my own heart.

I'd love to be a neighbour of yours. So looking forward to the pics of your extended family. Heheh

Stunning painting Tracey.

Sherrill, Montreal

k2 said...


I'm very much looking forward to reading more about your life and your art!

Kelly K

deborah from collagewhirl said...

It's great to be able to eat eggs and know the chickens are having a nice life. We buy organic eggs from a nearby egg farmer-- he only has around 8 hens and still has a LOT of eggs!
Your latest is gorgeous. You inspire me to be more prolific--but can that be inspired?

Caroline Peña Bray said...

Sounds like you had a good 'spring clean' this year! I love South Side, with its boldness and such atmosphere with such little detail...wonderful!