Monday, May 3, 2010

Chair Lady

Chair Lady, 2010, Oil on Panel, 40"x30"

Well, the people have spoken and so the Chair Lady has been entered into the juried show. Thanks so much to everyone who gave me their input, I really appreciate it. I was leaning towards entering the Chair Lady too but I became a bit mesmerized by all the color in the other painting once I tweaked it a little bit. I am a sucker for color, heh. Also I hadn't really planned to title it "Chair Lady" but it stuck after all that. Above is the final jpeg of the painting.

I should find out in a few days about whether I am in or not and either way I will attend the opening reception for the show this Friday. Always a good chance to chat with some friends and also to catch up with a few of the artists in in the area that I only see once in awhile.

And in case anyone is interested, this same organization also has a national juried show and the deadline is coming up on May 15. More info here if you are interested in participating. The Cooperstown Art Association is a GREAT local arts organization, very supportive of artists (they gave me a solo show when I was just starting out) and they do a number of community art events each year. And I can assure you that locals do not get special treatment here, I have been accepted only once out of about seven tries. I actually wasn't sure if I even should enter this year because one of the jurors is the owner of a gallery that represents me. However, I am going to anyway as I feel supporting the CAA (as well as all local arts organizations) is important and will just consider the 20 bucks as a donation. I will also enter different work than what I usually show with that gallery so that when I get turned down I can justify it by saying that it was because I hadn't entered my real work. ha

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Tina Mammoser said...

Best of luck Tracy! *fingers crossed for Chair Lady* Not that you need luck.

And I'm with you on the reason for entering the CAA exhibition. I'm entering a charity competition for similar reasons again this year (though admittedly I've been accepted the previous 2 years) - the money goes to charity, I know the organisers so know they're genuine and giving, so it really doesn't matter if the painting doesn't get in. The cause is right. And why shouldn't you enter because of the gallery? That exactly the kind of reason why artists DO enter things - we finally get to the point where "who you know" is who we know!