Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pumpkinfest 2009

So funny! I sat down to post some images of this year's Pumpkinfest and then thought I'd add some recent photos taken around the house. Then I looked for my past posts about the Pumpkinfest and found one from 2007 with the same set of photos-a batch of huge pumpkins and shots around the yard including Penny, our awesome dog!

Every year we try to see at least one part of the Pumpkinfest in Cooperstown. I prefer the contest on Saturday, but watching Sunday's pumpkin regatta on the lake is always good too. Hard for us to get to both events every year, but sometimes we do. This was from last year's regatta.

So here is this year's version of life in a small town.

When you have a contest to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin:

You sure need to have a few of these on hand:

Ginger is still my go to kid, always willing to pose in front of a huge pumpkin. My other kids cannot be bothered anymore.

Penny, relaxing in a bed of fall leaves:

My Black Eyed Susans are still blooming:

Still pretty excited to have this step down from the patio door; took us 4 years to get it built! And love the piles-of-dead-leaves-scattered-around look.

Still a lot of green on the patio though:

And even a fall flowering shrub:

The burning bushes are flaming red, right next to our grill which, I suspect will sit in that exact spot until next spring, just like last year, heh.


Kesha Bruce said...

seriously do they get those pumpkins to grow that big? I'm suspicious. I don't think I'd eat a pie made from one of those monster pumpkins.

Martha Marshall said...

Your flowers inspire me to try my hand at gardening, now that I'm living in a small town too. Great pictures!

Jason and Kristin said...

I remember last years pumpkinfest post. It makes me happy to see humongous pumpkins and your pretty yard.

Melody said...

We have a Pumpkinfest every year around September 18th. It coincides with the Oro World's Fair...the world in world's fair always makes me laugh as there are only about 10,000 people in Oro but anyway. Fun to walk around at look at these gigantic pumpkins. Makes me feel like baking a pumpkin pie.