Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally Finished Floundering (say that 3 times fast)

So a few weeks ago I packed up my new work, including the abstracts and the People You Know series and drove off to show everything to one of my current galleries then to another gallery that recently contacted me about having a show next year.

The director at my current gallery was lukewarm about the abstracts and more interested in the portraits. We spent some time discussing what should be included in my upcoming solo show and then eventually I agreed to send most of the barns and landscapes that I paint, to her gallery. I didn't expect that I would STOP paintings the landscape, I just wanted to do fewer of them and channeling the ones I do to the gallery that has historically sold the most landscapes makes sense and feels right. The landscapes and barns are still what sells and frankly I have to consider that right now. Her market is not for abstracts and portraits can be a tough sell too. She did agree to include about six of the portraits in the show, along with the landscapes, so I am pleased about that.

The show will be coming up in January and for the last two weeks I have been floundering a bit about what to start with, frittering away my days and wringing my hands. I still want to work on the abstracts, to keep developing them, but I do need to get started on the landscapes for the show and then get back to working on the portraits which have been on the back burner for several months. I have been focusing on landscapes and barns for so long that it sure feels strange to have to do some scheduling on subject matter! But finally I formulated a plan: this week I decided to do one more batch of abstracts (including some little black abstracts which I will talk about next time) before I set them aside for a few months. Next week I will begin the landscapes/barns and after I have at least a dozen of those ready for the show, I'll get back to work on the People You Know series. At least that is the plan. Usually I find it necessary to have some sort of plan in place. It's not set in stone, in fact I am sure it will morph into something different as I get going and I am flexible about having to do that, but having something to start with gives me enough comfort to get started.

The other gallery I visited liked ALL the work I showed them and the director had a great concept about how to show all three bodies of work. However, nothing has been confirmed yet, so I will wait until contracts get signed before discussing that. Have I mentioned that I heartily believe in jinxes? I do.


Anna L. Conti said...

Good work! I believe in making plans, too. And they almost always get adjusted along the way. But having a plan frees the mind from unnecessary worrying and allows me to let the creative impulse off the leash.

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite entity to paint - as in abstract, people, landscape, other - keep in mind that IDKS ;-)

Is painting (water color, acrylic) your favorite medium, or do you prefer, for example, charcoal drawing?

Yes, I do read your blogs :-D

Unknown said...

Jinxes aren't real!!
It sounds like you have a good plan for your work and two galleries talking about showing your portraits, which are my favorites of your work. This is great!
Tracy, are those your reference photos all over the table? If so, it looks like my method of organization, too.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Anna, actually I always have to have a plan for everything, from what I am going to wear next week, to where I will live after my kids have moved away. I need the plans but I have the ability to change them without issue, thank goodness, or I might be crazy with all that planning! It does help me rein in my worrying as well;)

Anonymous, Glad you are reading my blogs:) I started to answer this and it was well on its way to becoming a blog post, so I am thinking it SHOULD become a blog post. Could use a good topic and your questions fit the bill. Check back next week, k?

Deborah, jinxes aren't real if you don't believe in them;) And yes, those are reference photos for People You Know on the table top. But it's not as messy as it looks, they are actually in specific piles, organized by number of people in the shot, children or no, male or female and which ones I am most interested in using as reference.

Martha Marshall said...

I'm so there on having to have a plan, even if it has to be adjusted a bit. I have to see on the calendar and the clock that things are possible to even attempt. And only then am I free to stop wringing my hands.

Kudos to the gallery with the vision to show all three bodies of work!

(Oh yes, and jinxes are real if you believe in them. Dangit.)

p said...

tracy, from the little i have experienced with making what you want vs what galleries want, i applaud you and hope you keep working on the abstracts. interesting..the portraits seem to be getting their due, so why not the abstracts next in line :) all of what you do has a flavor and intensity that is uniquely yours. spirited. strong. always hints of mysterious and strange. you've opened up my eyes to painting... most paintings dont do a whole lot for me but i'm always interested in what you have to 'say' with your work. go get em!