Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Plus Snow

The Field Down the Road, 2008, Oil on Gessobord, 6x6

Our power came back on last night and we are very happily back at home, trying to catch up with things. I wasn't going to post today but well, here I am anyway.

I think that it is entirely possible that I brought on the snowstorm and the resulting power outages by painting a series of winter landscapes (see one above). I am very powerful you know, heh, and clearly I was tempting fate by painting pictures of the snow in October.

So tonight we will have the distinct pleasure of trick or treating in snow (even though it is 50 degrees today and sunny today it won't melt the foot of snow we got!). This year things are a bit different since our older kids are going off with friends and then on to sleepovers, while we hang out with our youngest daughter and her friends. And since she is diabetic now, guess what lucky couple will be on their own sugar high this evening?

Just exactly what both of us need. Heh.


Mim said...

what parents won't do for their children!

Gary's third pottery blog said...


Angela Wales Rockett said...

What a beautiful snowscape!

I set up my own small works blog - Thanks for being such an inspiration in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

I've come back here three times to look at this painting. I just noticed the house in the woods.

Tracy Helgeson said...

I know Michelle, such sacrifice.....

Angela, Thanks for the link, your work is beautiful and I hope you do some business there!

Sus, at first I didn't know what you meant but I see now how some of the scratches look like a building. I am happy about that (I always mysteries:) but I have to admit that it is totally random. Which is probably why it works, heh.