Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Doug's Bee Drawing

In a recent post I wrote about painting our new living room and also posted a photo of a few things that we hung on the wall already. Steven LaRose was intrigued enough about one item (the other item was one of his paintings) to ask about it and even drew his own version of it.

So today I am putting up the original and will inflict its story upon you all as well. Heh. When Doug was about four, he got stung by a bee. His mom encouraged him to draw a picture of the offending bee and so this was what he came up with. The lines on the front legs (which I thought were BIG HUGE MULTIPLE stingers) are actually what he thought must be making the buzzing sound. And he did make the stinger pretty prominent, it's on the end of the tail and runs off the page it's so big.

I have always liked this drawing (such great line quality!) and a few years back I had it framed up. Since then, it has always been displayed somewhere in our home, mixed right in with our kid's art and the work by other artists that we have been collecting over the years.

PS. The drawing was done on newsprint with some sort of cray-pas with water. It's held up pretty dang well considering it was done close to 50 years ago and makes me reconsider the stress and worry I go through when working on paper.....