Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New (to me) Gallery

Crowded Garden II, 2007, Oil on Panel, 9x18

Now that it's official, I can say out loud that I am being represented by Twinhouse Gallery in Atlanta, GA.

I was previously represented by another gallery in Atlanta, and while they were just great to work with, unfortunately my sales never really took off there. I decided to leave them and literally within a few days, a friend of mine let me know that he had shown his gallery my website and that they were interested in talking to me. I waited until the loose ends were tied up with the previous gallery and then sent some work down to Twinhouse so they could "try me out." They all seem excited about my work and feedback from customers has been good. So we signed contracts (always sign a contract!) and I have sent them a few more pieces. You can see my artist page here.

I am looking forward to this opportunity to try Atlanta again. And I am also in very good company as Twinhouse also represents Neil Hollingsworth, Jeff Cohen and Karin Jurnik, several artists and bloggers whose work I respect.


Peter Yesis said...

Congrats Tracy-
Your work is wonderful.
I know you will find success in the new gallery.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Peter, as always, I am choosing to feel cautiously optimistic about a new opportunity:)

meno said...

Oh good, you are working your way across the country.

The West Coast can't be far behind.

tlwest said...

great company ! I like the second crowded garden even more than the first!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Meno, yes, I have an insidious plan to sweep across the country:)

Now I am off to conquer Chicago!

Terri, Thanks, and I didn't really plan it but the Crowded Garden pieces look great as a pair.

Karen Jacobs said...

I'll be delivering work to Atlanta within the next month, your gallery isn't far from mine... looking forward to seeing your work in person! Looks like you're in good company... and you fit right in! Good luck!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Karen, Oh that's cool! Though now I hope I don't have eat my words after crowing about how much better they look in person:)

What's your gallery in Atlanta?

Mary Klein said...

I'm really enjoying your flower paintings, Tracy. You have a gift for making the color of the blooms glow - they're beautiful!

And congratulations on the new-to- you gallery - wishing you the very best there.

Shawn McCann said...

Congrats Tracy. It is always exciting to get new things rolling.

Elio said...

I really like this. Great harmony.

Ed Terpening said...

Congratulations, Tracy. A good artist friend of mine (Brent Jensen) just moved to Atlanta, and loves it.

Melody said...

Congratulations Tracy....this is fabulous news. Your on your way girl....soak it up and enjoy it

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Mary, It's been fun trying to paint flowers the way I paint and make them LOOK like flowers. These worked out really well, but I sure have a few duds in the sand down pile.

Thanks Shawn, you're right and it's especially nice when it all goes smoothly.

Thanks Elio, and hey nice work yourself! I look forward to seeing more.

Thanks Ed, and does your friend have a link? Does he show in Atlanta yet?

Thanks Melody, it is fun and I am totally enjoying it.