Monday, August 6, 2007

I'll Need New Long Underwear!

Bee Balm Forever, 2007, Oil on Panel, 12x16

Right smack dab in the middle of a very stressful Saturday, I got a letter via snail mail from the Vermont Studio Center. Just like the acceptance letters that colleges send out, I knew the thick envelope meant I was in! Thick means yes, thin means no.

Anyway, I did not get the Full Fellowship that I applied for but I did get an artist's grant which brings the fee down to an amount I can handle (I probably wouldn't have gone otherwise). Doug, the best husband ever, was slightly bug-eyed for a few minutes, realizing that he will be trapped staying at home with the kids for a whole month. But he came around and is really happy that I was accepted and will have this opportunity.

I have to publicly thank Kesha also. I never even considered applying for a residency before, mostly because I didn't want to leave the kids for so long, not to mention Doug's business traveling schedule. I found Kesha's blog on the very day she wrote about her recent residency there and while reading it, I realized that I actually could leave my life at this point for a month. I asked her a bunch of questions, she answered them, I applied and viola! I am going to Vermont for 27 days of uninterrupted artistic bliss. Um, Vermont in February, which is one of the months I actually requested. Smart.

Think it might be cold while I am there?


tlwest said...

I think you are going to Freeze your Butt off! Bring lots of hot cocoa! Congrats!

GiselleG said...

Ooh! You're going to love it. I've had friends who have gone there, and they all had great reports.

So, I've lived in Vermont in winter (went to high school AND college for a while there). Yes, it's amazingly cold. It's a great time for a residency though, because it forces you to bunk down and make art. The entire outdoor landscape forces you back indoors to face what's going on there. Your job, without the distractions of family life, is to make art.

I am so jealous! ;-)

Schuivert said...

Great news Tracy, it must be a wonderful experience. Nice to have the possibility give your art so much attention! Wonder what comes out of it.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Terry, I think you are right.Clearly I need a whole new, warmer wardrobe, right?:)

Giselle, Thanks, glad to hear of more good experiences there. I had the same idea too, hunkering down in the studio and just working.

Bart, Thanks. I am wondering what will come of it also! I have a few ideas, but will take some time to decide. They do have an open studio with a figure model for 3 hours a day, so I may focus on some figurative work.

Steven LaRose said...

My good old friend David Grozinsky works there. You should search him out. He is a walking performance. . . or a pleasant con-man, who deals in smiles. Make sure you remind me when you go so that I can drop him a line and give him a heads up.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Steven, I think I'll do that. Might be interesting to get a hold of some dirt on you:))

gary rith said...


Anonymous said...

Tracy ... well done!

I am going to have to post a comment covering a few of your recent postings here because Blogger is taking simply ages to load on my PC these days, and I have no idea why. It makes commenting on my favourite blogs so damn difficult!

Anyway this news is great and very well deserved. But your other news regarding your mom must be so hard for you to bear. Sending positive vibes to you and to her for a peaceful passing. Its been a long battle. I am so glad that you managed to get to see her, too.

I also want to say how much I love your recent paintings, particularly this one. It is beautiful.

Blessings to you.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks, Gary!

So nice to hear from you Lesly.

Thanks for your kind words about my mom, I appreciate it. I am looking forward to the residency in Vermont, it will be a whole new experience for me! And glad you like the flower pieces, they have been fun to do.