Friday, August 24, 2007

Almost Gone

Almost Gone, 2007, Oil on Panel, 8x10

Well, obviously my studio time got a bit off track over the last few days. However, I did manage to get nearly all of the work done that I had planned. I also have a really nice piece going that I had hoped to send along to The Harrison Gallery, but alas, it is not quite resolved and so it will have to wait until I can get back to it. Since there will be no funeral for my mother, just a private memorial in September, we have decided to go on our family vacation as planned. Doug and I really need to spend a nice quiet week without computer, phone or television, on a lake, enjoying the company of our children.

I will be back in early September, and hopefully ya'll won't forget about me and my little blog here!


Steven LaRose said...

Might I recommend taking two weeks? Blogging is so easy to quit. Nothing is going to happen out here. Nothing is more important then the opposite of blogging.

drips of paint said...

Just read your last post ... it is a beautiful post ... very peacful ..god bless

enjoy your vacation

Tracy Helgeson said...

Steven, I am afraid if I take two weeks off, then I will never come back and I am not quite ready to do THAT yet. Plus, I would lose my spot in the blogger show!

But you are right. Our vacation was lovely, partly because I wasn't looking at the dang computer everyday....

Thanks Tim, I am back now, and it was a really nice vacation. I will post about it in a few days.

Mary Klein said...

Welcome back, Tracy!

I'm glad you had a restful vacation - and I'm glad you're back too :) Looking forward to your next posts and to seeing your latest work.

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