Friday, September 12, 2008

Piece By Piece

Thought I'd put up an update on the neighboring barn that is being taken down. I spoke with the owner a few weeks ago and he said he had an agreement with a friend of a friend (that's how it's done up here:) to take down the barn and in exchange he could keep the materials. Pretty good trade if you ask me-the owner is getting a building taken away for free and the guy doing all the work is getting some materials that he can make some money on.

And since just one guy, with help from a friend or two, is taking it down in his spare time, the whole process is going very slowly, which is good for me as I have been able to photograph it at almost every stage. The most recent photo (on the bottom) was taken the day before yesterday.


Melinda said...

Do you have any idea how old this structure is?

It's fascinating. Thank you for documenting it for us city-folk.

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

this is very cool to see the structure of the barn.. thanks for keeping track of it.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Melinda, I am not sure but I am going to guess it is at least 75 years old. It's structure, and the beams are very similar to ours, so it's a relatively educated guess.

Thanks Natalya, glad you are keeping up.

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