Monday, September 8, 2008


Becky, Oil on Gessoed Paper, 7x10

Usual busy weekend. Doug and the boys finally got the garage cleaned out (I have been pestering him about doing it for months, actually since last spring which is when it really should have been done) so that we will have a place to store three cords of wood for the winter. I spent a lot of time delivering children here and there, and it was also the first weekend of soccer. I managed to finish up cleaning and organizing the house and also spent quite a bit of time in my studio prepping panels. I am totally loving my big flat table surface. I can prep at least twice the number of panels than I could on the old table I used previously, PLUS there is room for a pile of junk or two as well. Pure luxury!

And shown above is the second portrait that I have been working on. I will probably work on it just a bit more today, and the photograph of it is a bit funky but you get the idea. I am not quite sure about it yet, but I definitely don't hate it either.


Making A Mark said...

Gessoed paper!

Interesting - I've always wondered (in the way that people who don't use brushes but might be persuaded one day tend to do) how that was made.

Any chance of a recipe/demo?

gary rith said...

Super talented, aren't you Tracy????

Tracy Helgeson said...

Katherine, I am very new to gessoing paper, but I will talk more about it tomorrow.

Gary, yes, that's me. Super duper talented:)

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

very cool! the art and the prep

Anonymous said...

Hello Tracy,
Just a quick message to say I really like the work
you've been doing lately, and thought the work in the
Hudson show in June looked fabulous.I especially like
some of the simple skies and horizon lines,
and the group of buildings on the corner was great.
(You might remember me as the English artist who sent you
some pictures of barns a while back)
Anyway, I was sorry to hear about your daughter. I have an
interest in health and how diet can help, and have been
putting together a blog/info page with links to information
that not everyone knows about. There's a bit about diabetes
if you scroll down.I know type 1 is different to type 2, but
there's still some interesting information there. It's at -
hope it's of some help.

Anonymous said...

Stunning portrait!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Natalya i almost enjoyed doing the prep MORE than the what with so much more table space:)

Thanks so much for the link Fiona! Very good info.

Thanks Veronica, Still have a ways to go with this series but I am happy with the direction. Well, today, anyway:)

Kari Gibson said...

The portrait is wonderful! I love the application of small patches of colour against other colours. Makes the whole painting resonate.

And what's this about gessoed paper?

Anonymous said...

Just love your current work. Bravo!

Deborah Paris said...

Wow- you are so neat and tidy when you prep panels!

Sheila Vaughan said...

I love this portrait Tracy. It's a quiet and definite statement with great appeal.