Friday, September 26, 2008


My head is spinning a bit today, as there is so much going on in my world, as well as the big one, outside my doors. I won't pretend to understand the implications of the bailout that the government has proposed, but I will say that unless there is an independent, bipartisan committee (preferably NOT politicians) overseeing the bailout money, I would be completely against it. Not that my opinion matters of course (although I have made my opinions known to our senator and congressmen), because if anyone at all had paid any attention whatsoever to what I think, we would have a different president, we would certainly not be at war, all of our most needy and vulnerable citizens would get assistance and respect and that everyone would have the right to marry whomever they'd like. The health care system would be more efficient and would cover alternative health care as well and don't get me started about how ticked off I am about government mismanagement of our tax money.

So anyway. I like what Michelle has to say on this subject and will send you over there and leave it at that, before I really freak out.

And on a not unrelated topic, there have been more changes this week in my little world of business. I have been considering leaving two of my galleries for awhile now, as neither of them have been selling my work for quite some time. I do not blame them at all, in fact both of them have been with me nearly from the start, have been extremely supportive of my work and wonderful to work with in every way. But the prices on my work have risen over the last few years and I guess the last hike really put a wrench in the works. I knew that raising my prices would probably cause me to be priced out of certain markets and that is exactly what happened. Even though I feel badly about leaving (I tend to feel guilty about things that I probably shouldn't feel badly about, one of my cute little quirks) I know it's the right thing to do. They should be utilizing their space for work that does sell in their market and I need to streamline my efforts a bit.

So yesterday, a few days after my communications with those galleries, I received a letter from another gallery, informing me that because of issues regarding their space (losing their lease) they would be closing as of November 1. They were great to work with too (I have been so blessed to work with so many good people), and even wanted my prices to be higher, but the sales never really materialized there for me. I had considered leaving them too, but decided against it because I thought they might have been receptive to my figurative work. Um, provided I get it going of course.

I am now down to two galleries (from nine at one point) plus one local gallery that is only open in the summer. Even though this worries me a bit, I have decided to sit tight for now, keep working and just see what happens. Maybe I'll send out the occasional info packet, as I do have a list of galleries that I'd like to approach, but for now I just want to think about things and digest what has happened to me in the last five years regarding this business. I have learned a lot and want to make sure that I stay on the course that is right for me and my work.

In the meantime, though, I do have a little project going and I will describe that next week. Oh and I'll be watching the news and the debate, even if it does all leave me with rather hopeless feelings about what the future may bring. Ack!

And in keeping with today's title, I thought I'd put up a painting that I did in 2000, back when we lived in Utah and I could only paint during Ginger's nap time (maybe), or when the girl down the street would come to play with the girls. I'd say my work has gone through a few changes since then, eh?


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

a new direction????
I love this painting, btw!

n warner said...

A lionness-artist in waitin, yes? What does one do, when chaos and dismantling occurs, work 'n wait for next round of opportunities. I'm
on slow-pay with one of your existing?
galleries...Howz that one doin'?!
: -))


Tracy said...

good to take new directions, but this image is an old one:) Thanks though, I am feeling a bit "cringy" about it!

Nina, Your painting is safely waiting for you, just saw it the other day. That gallery's commercial space is closing but the owner is still doing art consulting. I am very confident about you getting the painting, I can't speak highly enough about her and her director. No worries on that one!

Michelle said...

Tracy, thank you for linking to my post. I find there is so much to say, but in the end, there is really noting to say.
This will get interesting!

Martha Marshall said...

Just checking in to see what I've missed. Things seem to be getting in the way of art around here too! I like your painting from out of the past. Nice to see what came before your current colorist/minimalist work.

Tracy said...

You are welcome, Michelle. I am having a tough time talking about this stuff coherently, but my head is almost going to explode from it all!

Martha, thanks, I guess that piece was pretty good at the time, but all I can see now is how stiff and uptight I was when I painted it!