Friday, May 2, 2008


Center Punch, 2008, Oil on Panel, 11x14

A few months ago I learned in an email from Betty, the owner of Multiple Impressions (my NYC gallery) that she had decided to close the gallery. I wasn't exactly surprised as there is a high turnover of businesses on that particularly quiet block of Wooster Street, however I WAS very sad to hear the news.

This will be a bit of a blow to me in several ways. First of all to my business. In just one year, Multiple Impressions sold almost 40 paintings. (a huge number for me, alas, not quite enough to keep them open, heh) Betty picked each piece that she wanted to show and she seems to have a really good eye-every single piece she chose sold, I have never gotten back unsold work from her. My income from her gallery sales accounted for one third of my year end total last year, a pretty significant percentage and one that I am marginally freaked out about having to replace now that I have bought a new car and paid for the attic remodel. And they have really been on a selling tear since announcing the closing, I was getting near weekly checks, it was almost like having a regular paycheck there for awhile. Betty included my work in my first art fair last June and she is also responsible for urging me to work at a larger scale which has been a really interesting and challenging path for me to travel. A path that I am not sure I would have taken had there not been a bit of gentle pressure.

But what I will really miss is my relationship with Betty, Julie (Julie invited me to be her friend of Facebook!!) and Stephanie. We have all gotten to be friends, they read my blog (and probably know WAY too much about me:)), and both Doug and I spend significant amounts of time just chatting with them when in the city (Doug more often, since his store is just a few doors down the block). I can't even imagine that I will be able to wade through the gallery scene in NYC and find another gallery who will have me AND where I will finds friends to work with.

As I have learned in the gallery world though, life goes on. Betty will start a new adventure, Julie and Stephanie will probably go and work in another gallery and I will have to dust off my presentation packets, gather together all my nerve and self confidence and start getting out there again.

It will be fine. Sigh.


Karen Jacobs said...

The best reference you can get is from your gallery. If the one that's closing can give you referrals, especially to gallery owners they know personally, that will go a long way! Maybe even the old fashioned reference letter (on their letterhead) stating your excellent selling record which you can flash around... the quality of your bottom line is nearly as important as your work. Good luck!

Stacey Peterson said...

That's a bummer - I sympathize, because it totally bites to have to find new galleries =( I had a gallery in Denver that sold my work faster than I could paint it, then they moved last year to a bad location and didn't sell anything. They're still open, but it put me in a similar predicament. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding another gallery to replace them though!!

gr said...


vivien said...

I just had a similar thing happen to me with a main gallery closing - it is a bummer and I too have to get myself back out there :>(

Good luck - but I'm sure you'll be fine

Natalya said...

it's a bummer...i'm sorry... but I have faith that you will pull through and I looking forward to reading about your quest... you are the goddess of painting after all...

Tracy said...

Thanks, Karen, I am already on that and am hoping to get a good recommendation from Betty about who to approach as well.

Stacey, Somehow it was easier at the beginning when I didn't know what the heck I was doing, now it feels like there is a bit more at stake in finding the right place for me.

Thanks for the sympathy sigh Gary.

Thanks Vivien and good luck with your search too.

Natalya, I am sure y'all will hear more than enough about my search here. And I like the "goddess of painting" maybe I should rename my post:)

Martha Marshall said...

Tracy, you won't have any trouble at all finding a new venue. It's just not fun to have to think about all that (trust me, I know from plenty of experience!) In a previous post didn't you say you'd love to have a gallery in Philly?? Now's the perfect time to work on that.

Julie said...

Hey Tracy,
We will miss you and miss selling your paintings at the gallery. They have been such a big hit with our customers! I'm sure you'll find another gallery in no time at all. :)