Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Little Break

Land Fall, 2008, Oil on Panel, 12x24

I have been a bit neglectful lately concerning this blog. Mostly because I have been really, really busy the last few days, but also because I was feeling a bit out of sorts before that. For about two or three weeks I sat around doing as little as I could possibly get away with and was sliding down into a pretty decent funk. This coincided with a closing gallery, fewer sales, our house being upended during a bit of remodeling and Doug being out of town for quite awhile. None of those things have really changed, however last Thursday I saw my acupuncturist and told him how lethargic I had been and he treated me accordingly. That night I poured out my problems to Doug and told him how overwhelmed I was with everything and how I have had to give up so many things in order to keep painting. Waaaaaa....

It felt good to let it all out, to be reassured and taken seriously and when I woke up on Friday morning, I was nearly brimming with energy. The difference this time was that I had energy all day, not just until mid afternoon (if that) like before, and the best part is that I still have it. You cannot believe what I have accomplished in the last six days.

And now that I am tackling the mountain of neglected chores, new ones keep getting added to the pile. Painting the new studio, gardening - both flowers and vegetables as well as a lead on a new gallery, which naturally requires work to be shipped out ASAP.

So forgive me, all you lovely readers, while I take at least the rest of the week off from posting, so I can continue to make some headway. One of the things that really slows down my days is my morning time at the computer, something I thoroughly enjoy yet is also an energy sucking activity that really messes up the rest of the day for me. I am feeling like I need to stay busy, get things in order and then figure out a better daily schedule, one that I can still enjoy and that will allow me to be more productive and energetic.

I do have plenty of new work though, so I will post a few new images here and there. Y'all will just have to get by without my pithy remarks for awhile, but feel free to leave comments anyway since I am sure not giving up on obsessively checking my emails! No sense in totally cutting myself off from the world. Heh.


Anonymous said...

waaaaaaa, I'm a painter and I ship paintings out to galleries, waaaaaaa, I can't keep up, waaaaaaaaa

-Artie Lange

Tracy said...

I was wondering if anyone would catch my reference to Artie. I love Artie....

Guess I could take your comment as some sort of insult but since I already made fun of myself about whining, and since you commented anonymously, I am just going to move on.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I'm very much in favour of periodic breaks from blogging - there just gets a point where you need to walk away for a bit to stay fresh - and on top of the laundry! I find at least a week off every 3-4 months seems to work for me - but I guess everybody's different.

I'm even more in favour of being able to have a whine every once in a while !

BTW I'm always absolutely amazed and gobsmacked (which is maybe a technical term from the UK which Artie has not got his head around yet) that you accomplish so much - week in and week out!

Tracy said...

Thanks Katherine, I know I normally do get a lot done, but then sometimes I don't. I mean, really you should see my house! It's a terrible wreck right now.

I probably should take a few more breaks from blogging. Lately I have been posting 3 or 4 times per week rather than 5 and I actually felt guilty about cutting back!

Anyway, I am getting back on track and will soon be posting more. Thanks for your kind words.