Friday, May 16, 2008


Red Carol, 2008, Oil on panel, 24x36

I am not entirely happy with how this portrait turned out, but I am not exactly unhappy with it either. It reminds me of the first series of paintings I did (here is one) after taking time off to have babies; fine, but too precise and not expressing whatever it is that my heart wants to say.

Ugh, terribly sappy, eh?

Anyway, it is a good start I think, and because the piece doesn't totally suck, I entered it (yesterday, exactly one half hour before the deadline) in our local arts organization's annual national competition, the one that I enter every year, but have only been accepted into once. So we'll see.

I've probably just jinxed myself now by mentioning this though.


Deborah Paris said...

Well, you might not be sure about it, but I love it- love the negative space, love the color, the expressiveness of the face and the solidity of the body. Bravo!

Tracy said...

Thanks Deborah. Um, seems like you are the only one that likes this one though:)

I think there are some really good things about it too and I am still looking forward to doing the next one.

Natalya said...

I like that she's s red and I love her face..