Saturday, May 3, 2008

Girl's Night Out

Just wanted to give a quick mention about the opening I am going to tonight at Gallery 100 in Saratoga Springs, NY. I know I have a couple of blog readers who live in the area and so maybe a few will come by and say hello. Not sure if meeting me is worth driving more than an hour though!

Normally I go to all of these openings with Doug, in fact he has never missed any of them, but for the very first time in four years, we have a scheduling conflict. He is doing a trade show this weekend and is out of town. So I decided to get a sitter and go anyway, and I invited one of my good real life friends, Carina, to come along. I expect to have a good time hanging out with her, we have a lot of gossip topics to cover during the four hours in the car.

So anyway, the opening is tonight, Saturday May 3, 6-8pm and the address is 462 Broadway, Second Floor, Saratoga Springs. I have about a dozen new pieces on display.


Natalya said...

Have a great time!

Tracy said...

Thanks Natalya, it was fun! More about it on Monday:)