Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy (and buggy) Weekend

Well even though my new car is a terrible gas guzzler, it is perfect in every other way. It has the best cup holders ever AND very easily fits 22 paintings into the back (including the 40x60 panel, wow!) not to mention more annuals than a girl could ever want.

So this was a busy holiday weekend. Doug spent most of it in the vegetable garden, I spent half my time in my studio finishing up the paintings so I could deliver them to the gallery on Monday, and the rest of the time I planted flowers and cleaned up my flower gardens a bit. The drawback of being outside so much this time of the year are the bugs that have been saving up their toxins all winter for us. We get the worst bites this time of the year! Doug and I both have bug bites that are red, swollen and incredibly itchy; his worst is on his left hand, mine are on my ears. Lovely.

But despite the killer bugs it was a lovely weekend. And I am very happy to have finished up the work for this show. Now it's time to tackle everything that has been piling up around here. Oh yeah, and get my new studio painted. Yayyy!


Stacey Peterson said...

I swear to God I've been meaning for months to take the exact same photo of my Landcruiser loaded up with paintings and write a post titled "Why I Drive a Gas-Guzzling SUV". I had to laugh when I scrolled down and saw the first picture of your car. I would love to be all tree-hugger and drive a honda civic or something, but it just isn't going to happen with this job!!

Deborah Paris said...

Years of driving cross country to plein air shows, delivering paintings and toting our 5 dogs around= a Suburban as the only vehicle I can fit my life into. Sad thing is its now our "economy" car since my husband's truck is a diesel!
Gorgeous painting in the previous post, Tracy.

Steven LaRose said...

I'm going to push my luck here:

Blog globally, exhibit locally.

Tracy said...

Yeah, the bigger vehicles are good for hauling paintings around. We are hoping to buy a smaller car for running into town and that sort of thing. But the other reason we have a bigger car is so that we have ONE car that fits our entire family in it. Doug's car is paid for though and I am not too sure we can do another car payment for awhile yet.

Deborah, geez, a diesel, The fuel for that must be downright painful!

Good motto, Steven. and one I guess that I practice. But it's a good thing I don't have to depend on local income:)

Nice pic. I still can't figure out how to load a new one onto mine. I would like to update because I look way older now ha.