Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol (sorry about this)

Round The Bend, 2008, Oil on Panel, 16x20

Well, I have to admit that I really enjoyed most of the American Idol finale last night. This is only the third finale I have watched-the first one was the year that Taylor Hicks won and I recall feeling as if I was in pain during the whole thing- it was so stupid. Same with last year's even though I had watched most of the season and felt a bit invested in the outcome. So I fully expected to hate this one too.

Parts of it definitely were lame, like the Mike Myers bit and the endless product placement. But I really enjoyed the performances by ZZ Top, Graham Nash and we were all hysterical during the Gladys Night and the Pips bit. And was it just me or did the Idol contestants look a if they were going to burst open with joy while performing with the guests? I loved that.

But the best part was seeing my honey, Jason Castro again, and I felt proud of him for singing Hallelujah in front of such a big audience. He IS pretty new to singing you know (yes, I have read a few interviews with him, so sue me).

And heaven help me but I even liked the group performances by the top 12 contestants. Normally I hate all that, but last night it was kind of like seeing a bunch of old friends again.

This year I have wasted way too much time reading other's opinions about AI and the contestants and while I appreciate the snarkiness, I have to say that I have mostly enjoyed the performances (except for Kristy Lee Cook singing Eight Days a Week, that was so unbelievably horrible and the girl sang it TWICE!). I think it is because I am such a bad singer myself, that nearly everyone sounds good to me.

My kids were horrified to hear me blurt out "holy shit" (they are kind of uptight) when the winner was announced. I was pretty sure that David Archuleta would be the winner and in fact, thought that would be better for David Cook, who could then go on and probably have much better recording options. But since I love a good contest and can't help but want to love the winner, I was happy that David Cook won.

So there you go. Now you know how shallow I truly am.


Angela Rockett said...

When you create such deeply beautiful paintings like this, I guess you can be forgiven the "shallow" stuff. :)

Seriously, though, this painting took my breath away. Very evocative.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it but I'm also a closet AI fan...began watching it with my girls, and though I don't catch every episode, I enjoy the ones I do, and I agree, the show last night was fun. I loved the Pips, too. David Cook was a gracious winner - and though I know that Brooke White doesn't have the strongest voice, she's still my fave - must be the old 70's style folk music I love (memories of my childhood). Hopefully David will get to do his thing like Carrie Underwood has - which is doing extremely well for her.

Martha Marshall said...

Well I love the painting too! As for American Idol, I managed to resist the temptation completely this season. Was pretty proud of myself. After all, it's all I can do to keep up with the politics stuff going on right now.

Anonymous said...

Loved most of all the placement and color sense. Beautiful. I am a fellow artist from originally Manhattan now living between Yaphank, NY (Long Island), and Sarasota, Fla.

Natalya said...

I watched it too and enjoyed it too... and happy that David Cook won, although you are probably right, he might have been better of loosing... ok now that the shallow stuff is over, back to serious art...heh.

Cindy said...

From a fellow shallow human being....I am also an avid AI watcher. I could relate to everything you wrote.

And as always, I love your new piece. I love clicking on your blog and seeing what's new.

Melody said...

I liked both Davids but regardless of who won, they both have amazing careers ahead of them.
Now that American Idol is over I'll be stuck watching Canadian Idol which frankly sucks.

Tracy said...

Thanks Angela, I am glad to know that I seemed "balanced" ha!

Veronica, I managed to steer clear of the whole AI thing until last season when my kids begged me to let them watch it. I said yes and now we are all hooked! I liked Brooke too though she got a bit wacky there towards the end. But she was great with Graham Nash last night!

Martha, thanks and I wish I could resist it, but I have to say I enjoy American Idol. Wish I could say the same for the politics, blech!

Thanks Anonymous, for the compliment and for commenting.

Natalya, yes back to serious matters here....

Thanks, Cindy, Let's just say we have many facets:)