Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Changing Habits

Evening Comes, 2008, Oil on Panel, 24x36

I am finally feeling much more enthusiastic about the work I am currently doing. But almost on a daily basis, I end up procrastinating all morning, later and later each day, dash into the studio after lunch, work intermittently for several hours and then stop for the day. I don't think the quality of my painting suffers from this, in fact mostly it's just the opposite, but my mental health does suffer. For example this morning I spent all morning, reading the American Idol recaps on EVERY blog in America, and feeling terribly guilty about wasting so much time. I was also very disappointed to learn that nearly everyone in America thinks that my cutie pie, Jason Castro is going home tonight. I know he is far from the best singer this year but I just really enjoy his performances. They make me smile. Ok, and he is very cute and if I were just 20 years younger he and I might have a shot at real happiness.

But I digress.

This complete change in studio habits does have me a bit flummoxed. But it's difficult to make any real effort to go back to my old schedule when I am so pleased with what I am accomplishing this way so I guess I will just continue to go with the flow. Maybe my technical abilities have caught up with my instincts and I don't have to struggle with where and how to put the paint down quite as much as I used to. I don't know.

However, I really should make an effort to make better use of all the time I spend on the computer. I have so many more productive things I should be doing; cleaning and reorganizing my kitchen cabinets, my desk, my clothes closet, finding a place for all the linens that used to be stored in a closet that we are in the middle of turning into a shower, MY TAXES, (yes folks we took an extension for like the tenth year in a row), EXERCISE!, weeding the garden, filling in the holes that Penny makes in the yard, the list goes on and on.

But I suspect there will be much to catch up on Thursday morning what with someone going home tonight and whether or not Paula will mention her little faux pas on Tuesday night. So I guess all of that cleaning and organizing and exercise will wait another day.


Chris Bolmeier said...

I feel like there is so much spring cleaning to do that it's hard to relax and paint. I can't find my clothes half the time. I've come to the conclusion that I just need a wife.
Chris Bolmeier

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Tracy - all this and American Idol updates!!! I'm going to be glued to this next episode. I was thinking maybe you'd missed out the health warning about results but thank you for the tip-off.

I've usually had a favourite but to be honest this year there's just nobody who 'flicks my switch'. (David's going to win though - she got that bit right!)

Natalya said...

I'm just happy to know that I'm not the only one in my age group watching... and I'll have to disagree with you on Jason, I was rooting for Carly... now we can do our chores till next week...

Melody said...

I should be cleaning out my fridge and cupboards since my inlaws are arriving this weekend but instead I too, am reading about American Idol as well as surfing other "artist blogs". Well, there's always tomorrow.....I'm keeping my fingers crossed the rocker, David Cook will win.

Tracy said...

Chris, what a great idea! I need a wife too! I am ok with switching to the other side of the bus, if it means I won't have to clean out my kitchen cabinets:)

Katherine, Health warning? I did miss that and am not sure what you mean. Maybe it refers to how sedentary sitting at the computer for hours is:)

David Cook? I love him too, not in the same way as my honey Jason, but I think DC might win. Actually I like him too much to wish winning upon him. He'll do better if he doesn't win.

Natalya, big surprise to hear that someone disagrees with me about Jason:) I had mixed feelings about Carly, but I did really like her performance for Jesus Christ Superstar.

Melody, well there is much to catch up on today too, many opinions out there about Brook being voted off:) Good luck with getting ready for the in laws!

gr said...

Penny! yay Penny!

Julie said...

Here you go:

I like Jason too. But David Cook's my boy!