Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break Update (or thank god it's almost over)

Quiet, 2008, Oil on Panel, 9x18

Same old, same old here. We survived the sleepover, my son is now officially a teenager and we are moving on from that particular milestone. He has been sleeping until noon each day this week though so I guess new milestones are on the way.

There has been way too much girl clothes shopping in the last few days. My daughters needed some spring clothes, new crocs, soccer shoes and other related accessories. Good times. Heh. I used to love shopping but somehow the kids have cured me of that and now it's just energy sucking, intelligence draining hard labor.

I have gotten very little work done this week and will definitely have to crank it into high gear Monday morning when the kids go back to school. I now have five weeks to get enough pieces together for the show in Hudson, not to mention getting new work to a a few of my galleries AND the Affordable Art Fair which is in mid-June.

The attic is coming along. On Wednesday a crew came and did the spray foam insulation. The attic temporarily looks like an English Tudor mansion.

Thursday, Tom and Matt worked on the outside of the new windows, trimming them up and they now look much better than all of the other old windows.

On Friday morning two (cute) guys came with sheet rock and carried 43 pieces (one at a time), up a ladder, onto the scaffolding and in through the middle window. Matt carried them inside and he and Tom got most of the ceiling up that afternoon.

PS. I have been trying to put this post up since Friday, lest you all think I am trying to bail on this blog. First I had trouble getting the photos posted and then I kept getting an error notice when I tried to publish the post. Not sure if it's our satellite connection which has been kind of funky lately, or blogger who hates me. Anyway, just so you know.


jerome Montgomery said...

New work area is looking good. I am sure you cant wait till its done.
utah lurker

Anonymous said...

I do love your work. I know you profess not to be religious, but if you're going to thank God, and you're thanking the one and only God, "God" should be capitalized. I DO believe in God, so I'm just trying to see His name respected.

Tracy said...

Thanks Jerome, and yes I am totally looking forward to lugging all of my crap up two flights of stairs when the attic is done. Oh wait, Doug will help me:)

Elizabeth, I respect your beliefs and if you'd like to capitalize your god's name, you should. However, this is America, my beliefs are different than yours and if I don't want to use caps, I don't have to.

By the way, I would never be thanking anyone's god for such a trivial matter such as being glad about spring break being over. It was a figure of speech, one that I use fairly often and if it offends anyone, then perhaps this isn't the blog for you to be reading.

Deborah Paris said...

Tracy, the space looks terrific. That staircase is gonna be a challenge though! I am now officially jealous. My 660 sq ft studio has the same concrete floor, bare drywall and rigged up lighting it had almost a year ago when we moved in. I think some whining and scheming are in order.

CMC said...

thank goodness this is America...I'm thinking the same thing, Tracy. Oh wow...thinking of hauling stuff up stairs....

But it looks fantasic for an art space..........can't wait to see the finished studio.

Natalya said...

that studio will be incredible! thank goddess...

Tracy said...

Thanks Deborah, you should definitely start whining! 660 is a good size, but get those walls painted at least:)

Thanks Cheryl, I will keep posting photos of its progress.

Natalya, Doug and I busted our guts laughing when we read "thank goddess". It was perfect, thank you!

Almira said...

Tracy, I think your studio space will be great. You will be queen of all you survey up there--eye to eye with the birdies. By the way, I want to thank you for the reference to Old Holland Kolinsky sable brushes. I purchased one and I absolutely love it. Compared to it, my other brushes are like painting with corn cobs (interesting concept). I'll have to save up my money for another one. Almira

Martha Marshall said...

Hmmm. Painting with corn cobs. I'm recording that for future reference.

Love this painting! And the studio is going to be wonderful.