Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Trees Converge, 2008, Oil on Panel, 8x10

By the end of my month at the Vermont Studio Center, I had gotten to be pretty good friends with artist Barbara Poole. She scared me a little at first, she is kind of blunt and brassy (in a good way, but it scared me nonetheless) and at one point her eyes literally shot daggers at me when I asked how old she was. But by my last night there (she stayed another two weeks) we were hanging around together, hitting all the goodbye parties. Well, the one anyway.

We have kept in touch since the residency and I always enjoy her emails. I love Barbara's work, though I will be quite embarrassed to see my image as a part of her hula hoop series. Yes, I did actually go and try to hula hoop in her studio, while she took photos. Try is the key word in that sentence. I used to be pretty good at the hula hoop, in grade school we spent many hours practicing and I could do a lot of tricks, up and down my arms, neck, to the feet and back up, multiple hoops, that sort of thing. At some point in the last 30 years though, I have seemingly lost my ability to even keep the hula hoop anywhere near my mid section. Ack! It was embarrassing.

Anyhoo, Barbara has a blog now, so I hope you'll go on over and check it out. And definitely look at her work. Ya gotta love narrative imagery that includes nudes, vacuum cleaners and guns. Well, I do anyway.

I have also been enjoying this blog, A Collage a Day, even if it seems to be near impossible to buy one of Randel's bird collages. By the time I see them, they are sold! And his blog led me to joie de vivre, by painter Kimberly Applegate. I love how she is putting together chairs and paintings. And naturally, all of the ones that I like are sold as well.

Later on I will put up some pictures of the attic. The sheet rock is up!


Samter Petuel said...

I like your paintings.
Ever show in Philadelphia?
Is it spring there yet?
Doesn't look like the sun has been shining lately.

Melody said...

Love this piece you posted has quite a dark and mysterious feel to me. Oh, checked out the blogs you posted and all are great. Those collages are just lovely and quite popular judging by the SOLD below each one. Good for him!

Tracy said...

Hi Samter, nice work yourself! I wish I could show in Philly, I used to live there and it would be cool to get into a gallery there. I have sent my info to a few but have had no luck.

Spring has definitely sprung, here, and maybe summer too, it's been downright hot for the last week or so.

Hi Melody, glad you checked them out. I am still trying for a bird collage. It IS great to see so many "sold" signs!

Martha Marshall said...

I love Randel's collages! I subscribe to his blog and also wonder how in the heck they sell so fast. Catching up on my reading this morning . . . going to check out Barbara's blog.