Friday, October 23, 2009

A Nothing of a Post

Right Through There, 2009, Oil on Birch Panel, 12x16

Sorry, folks, this is a real nothing of a post today. This last week was almost a complete wash in my studio. Yesterday, our oldest son, Kurtis, moved into a residential home on the campus of his school and my studio time was interrupted almost every day by meetings, packing, shopping etc. And during the few chunks of time that I did have to work, I found that I was too distracted to do anything that looked even remotely worthwhile.

So I have about five underpaintings sitting here, waiting for their color and I will try again first thing Monday morning. I am posting a larger version of a 6x6 painting that I did a few weeks ago. While I do often paint the same barns and scenes many times, I usually take some time between each version. However this time I found myself working the same images simultaneously. Not sure if I will do that again, or maybe I will do it all the time; it seemingly made no difference in the outcome (other than that both pieces are pretty similar in color), both paintings are fine, the small one sold right away on my other blog (thanks Bridgette!)and this one was shipped to The Harrison Gallery> last week.

Ok, well, looks like I managed to eke out two paragraphs about nothing much today. Huh. How about that!


Casey Klahn said...

This painting demonstrates your mastery of composition, Tracy. You handle negative space in a way that escapes 95% of artists. And, your intervals are a delight.

Awesome painting!!!

Martha Marshall said...

I agree 100%! This painting is just completely perfect.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Casey. I must confess to getting the crop for this image in the reference photo. I do seem to have a knack for that, it's true;)

Thanks Martha, I am pretty pleased with it too, even though I am not quite feeling like I am back in my painting groove yet.

Perry Brown said...

I like it Tracy. It's bold shapes and color harmony are attractive.

Anonymous said...

So, stupid question, when you state that a painting is, say, 6x6, is that inches, feet, or perhaps the number of a door (yeah - door 6, remember?)?

BTW, I like das Barn. :-)

Mysteriously Me

Anonymous said...

So you like Wolf Kahn!