Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Local Barn Update

Last August, I wrote about one of my favorite barns and how it was being taken down. In September, I wrote an update, showing the progress of the demolition.

I took some more pictures in October:

And now nothing much has happened to the structure for at least two months, which is understandable, given our winter weather so far. However, if they wait until spring, it may just come down by itself.

This is what it looked like today:

And here is a recent painting I did of the barn:
Before It Was Gone, 2008, Oil on Gessobord, 5x7
A before shot, of course. This is a very well documented barn!


Shanster said...

Oh - sad. I like Shea's idea... that could be really interesting! (interesting in a good way - not interesting in a wierd present you don't know what to do with sort of way)

Tracy Helgeson said...

Great minds think alike, I am planning to include that project in an upcoming show....

Thanks, Shanster, um I think I know what you mean:))

Melody said...

Great piece!

Casey Klahn said...

I take my own view on this. I'd like to take apart my own barn in the same way. It would be an easier way to preserve it - call it mass recycling of the wood.

My neighbors have a barn that was dismantled and moved in total @ 1,000 yards I don't know how many decades ago. It is beautiful and straight. I once joked that a Californian with $ could come and buy it, and move it home.

Did I mention that it has no nails in the construction? All fitted, and very big - bigger than mine, and mine is a little bigger than the one posted here (it looks like).

Barn envy - gotta love it.

The dismantle painting series idea is fascinating!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Melody, i liked it too and so did someone else, I put it up on my sales blog and off it flew!

Casey, I have severe barn envy, even though we have a good barn. Like many barns though, ours is fun to look and but a little scary inside. Hmmm, sounds like a post coming on.....