Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vermont Studio Center Again

Deep Purple Hill, 2008, Oil on Panel, 6x12

Well, it has been determined that this is NOT a spam blog and so I am now allowed back in. I wasn't worried about being branded a spammer so much as being threatened with the deletion of my blog. I have been prattling on here for over two years, charting the progress of my work and life and I'd hate to lose all of it. So I will now add two more things to my to-do list: printing out each of the 533 posts (with comments) that I have written and buy more paper. Heh.

So the big news last week was getting an acceptance letter for another residency at The Vermont Studio Center. Even though I have struggled a bit with getting back into my groove, imagery and self-confidence in my work since I went last winter, I still want to go again. The struggle is within me, not the fault of the residency and while I have considered NOT going again, the pull to have the experience again is too strong. Or maybe it is the excellent food they served. Either way, I guess I am going and will try to be confident in what I do, how I do it and why.

At least half the reason to go is the social aspect. It's pretty quiet here in the winter (I am going in February again) and even when it's not, there are few artists here in my real life. So a month to focus on my work, eat good food that I don't have to prepare AND make new artist friends is worth whatever internal struggle it may induce.



n warner said...

Definitely need to be with kindred spirits... and while
I am not a Marxist, I see that

"in the view of Karl Marx, human beings are intrinsically, necessarily and by definition social beings who - beyond being "gregarious creatures" - cannot survive and meet their needs other than through social co-operation and association." from Wikipedia.

That VT Studio Center is the nuts....absolutely GO!



Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

hi tracy! Catching up with blogs and love what you've done with your new studio space!

Struggle is always good for our work. It signifies growth.
But it sucks when it's happening! But I bet that inner struggle/growth is what is pulling you back there. It sounded like an amazing experience.

There is a way to get your blog printed in a book format. I thought I had the link bookmarked, but can't find it now. If I find it, I will coem back and leave a link. But I know there is a way to do it!

vivien said...

I've never used it - but has a facility to slurp your blog into a book - could be worth it as it would cost a lot in printing anyway and they are pretty reasonable.

You have a choice then of keeping it private and buying just one or making it public and selling it.

A thought?


Tracy Helgeson said...

Nina, you are right of course. Or should I say Marx was right? Thanks for the encouragement.

Hi Bridgette! Thanks for checking in and that reminds me I should go see what you have been up too-I think it's been awhile, sorry.

You may be right about the struggle, I am definitely feeling like I should go even though the aftermath of it was tough.

And thanks so much for the tip about making my blog into a book! I think I might do that!

Good link Vivien, I am definitely going for it. This sounds like a great project for me to do right now! Wow!

Melody said...

Yes, very, very, very right!

Making A Mark said...

Too right!

We're all coming too - on a virtual basis of course! ;)

Tracy - are you aware that the spam blog thing was a big Blogger mistake which has affected a lot of blogs.

Why not try what I do?
- Subscribe to your own blog and get it sent to you each day (which also tests whether your readers are getting it!)
- plus turn on the option for a complete copy of the blog post to be sent to you on publication. If you use a webware e-mail address accessible anywhere you create an instant archive of the post only (even if your computer dies).

Kesha Bruce said...

Really? You thought the food was that good? I went for the after-hours parties....og and the huge white-walled studio.

Anyway, for what its worth, I had a bit of an identity crisis while I was there too. A year later, I hate everything I did whiel I was there.


But being in the presence of that many serious working artists was totally worth it. Ihope you go again!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Melody!

Katherine, yeah, I have heard about the blogger bug or whatever it was. Not feeling so persecuted now:)

Thanks for the tips, I will try them!

Kesha, The food WAS pretty good, mostly because I didn't have to cook it, or clean up after, plus I am not used to FRENCH food!

I am with you on the studio, and if only there had been any after hours parties. Maybe there were, but I was out of that loop, as usual:)

I am going again, the vibe was worth it and good to know you had an identity crisis too (glad you got over it!).