Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to Normal, More or Less

Wide View, 2008, Oil on Panel, 6x12

I'd like to thank all of you who sent wonderful, hopeful and encouraging comments and emails in response to my post about Ginger's diabetes. The support we have gotten here and in our daily life has been gratifying and has also caused me to be on the verge of tears (in a good way!) at least a few times a day. We are doing fine; settling into a good routine. Ginger is doing great and although we still prepare the syringes, she has been giving herself the insulin shots, while holding her shot dog ( a stuffed animal that I bought at the hospital and who received more than a few practice shots before Ginger got her first one from me) of course.

We are trying to keep to our normal life as much as possible, which is pretty easy right now because our schedules are quiet these last few weeks before school starts. On Saturday night I went to a going away party for some friends who are moving away while Doug took Ginger to a movie. Today Doug went down to the city and will be taking a 5 day trip to Utah soon. Also today, Ginger began a cheerleading class at our local gym that I had signed her up for last spring. And yes folks, no one has to point out the irony of me, a relatively anti-establishment, anti-cheerleading, anti-school spirit homecoming queen type of girl, spawning one child who embraces all of that and who will probably actually BE a prom queen. Believe me, I have spent more than enough time wondering what I did wrong here. Heh. The other kids are properly cynical about that stuff and are headed for moody artist territory but Ginger is the one who likes to be involved and most especially, popular, fashionably dressed AND accessorized.

Anyway, things are good. Tomorrow we are off to Syracuse for our first appointment at the diabetes center and then we'll visit the big stupid mall to fulfill the prom queen's wish to go shopping for school clothes.

Totally cannot wait for that. Heh.


Maddy said...

We 'only' have adults with diabetes, but I do appreciate what a struggle it can be.
Best wishes

Cara said...

Wonderful Painting - glad things are getting back to normal.

gary rith said...

that mall has a store full of Vans sneakers---and the Border's is maybe 3 stories tall! Good luck with your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Ginger embodies a small part of your heart that you wouldn't embrace. It is a great thing the universe does for our souls when pairing us with children, mates, animals, and probably even the places we live. She is your great gift -- and you hers. And you are both my heros, through the miracle of the interwebs.