Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Art Always Makes Me Feel Better

Unreal, 2008, Oil on Panel, 20x40

I am not exactly in a funk, but things are definitely not going smoothly here on the farm. Doug has been out of town a lot lately, my career and work are in a state of flux, and while my daughter is doing great, we are still adjusting to a change in our lifestyle and trying to prepare ourselves at least a little bit for what could happen in the future. And a few extended family issues round out the package.

Historically, any kind of shopping (or alcohol, in the very distant past) always made me feel better, but since I have mostly ironed out my emotional and addiction issues buying stuff isn't what I yearn to do anymore. Well, with a few exceptions, that is. I will always want to buy art, books, and music. Oh and art supplies too, and maybe furniture once in awhile too. That's it. Heh. At least I am over the yarn thing. Anyway lately, I have been squeaking out a few bucks here and there to buy art and along with a few gifts I think I will get though all this other stuff just fine.

Last spring Doug and I made a great trade with a friend of ours from Utah, who now lives in Madison WI. We have always admired Greg's work and I can't wait to hang his painting in our new living room/old studio. You can see it here, scroll down, it's called After the Harvest.

Next, Melody and her family visited us and art was exchanged. I love the piece she gave me and still can't fathom how much work must go into her embroidered paintings each time I look at it. I don't have a picture of the piece but you can see her work on her blog.

Then I bought this piece from Steven LaRose. I have been watching his work develop over the last few years (yikes, has it really been that long?), not sure if I was "getting" it and then I saw this piece and I sure got that one! I loved it immediately and then even more when I saw Zaum in person. It is amazing. AND I got the added bonus of a personalized shipping box:
Too bad it got a bit dinged up in transit but at least the painting wasn't damaged.

Periodically over the summer, I have been occasionally been buying collages from Randel Plowman. I love them and they are criminally affordable. I can't even link to all the ones I bought, six in all, but most of them include birds and one has a chicken. Still hope to get one that has a rooster, he does them once in awhile, but they go fast.

I have been trying to buy one of Carol Marine's daily paintings for awhile. I fell in love with this one but just when I was preparing to bid on it, in the last few minutes of the auction, our power went out during a lightening storm. Ugh! I was heartbroken. Finally though, another one came up which I also loved and this time the power stayed on when I entered my bid. It was meant to be, Mother Nature said so.

And today when I returned from town after shipping a package to Chris, I found a package on our porch from him. I swear this was coincidental. Clearly he and I are on the same wavelength. heh. He sent me two drawings which you can see here and here. I am excited about this new direction of his and am very happy to be a small part of it (I suggested he do one in purple).

So I am feeling better now and all this art will surely help me get back on an even keel. Well, that and the kids going back to school next week. Sorry, I know it's wrong to say that but god help me, it's true.


Melody said...

Art does soothe the soul doesn't it? Everytime I walk into my livingroom and see your gorgeous work it never fails to put a smile on my face. I purchased a piece of Alice Vander Vennen's this summer when I did the three person show with her. I can't imagine not surrounding myself with art in my home. There is a comfort in it that can't be described in words.
My girls go back to school on Tuesday....yeah!
Take care Tracy....I'm thinking about you.

Steven LaRose said...

Zoiks, that gash in the box looks like it could have been awful! I hope everything is ok. I gotta remember the extra shell along with the bubble wrap.

Thanks for linking, it took me a moment to figure out why my blog stats were flying off the charts and why Zaum instantly became the second most popular image at my flickr site. It makes me think that you have a huge crowd of lurkers.

It is the biggest of all complements to be in your collection.

Making A Mark said...

Tracy - it's so nice to hear about other people's collecting habits.

I'm planning to do a post(s) about collectors and collecting in the near future and will be referencing this post.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks, Melody, so glad to know that my work makes you happy and I agree, having art around is just the best thing. Wednesday for us and I think at this point we are ALL counting the hours:)

Steven, I do seem to have many more lurkers in comparison to those who comment. That's ok, i am mostly a lurker too. The painting was ok, you wrapped it well enough inside and the rip only went completely through in one spot, mostly it was more of a "skid". And you are welcome.

Thanks Katherine. I am flattered.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than buying new art, art supplies, or books. It always soothes the soul.

BTW, love the piece at the top of this entry. The colors are absolutely luminous.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to know that artists are some of the best collectors. You have great taste! Love the new painting.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Laura, luminosity is practically my middle name:)

Martha, thanks, I only wish I could collect more AND that I had more wall space:)