Thursday, January 24, 2008

List of supplies to take to the Vermont Studio Center:


2 pads of 18x24 newsprint

4 pads of 18x24 Strathmore Drawing paper

1 pad of 18x24 Charcoal paper

Tackle box, containing drawing supplies, includes:
a variety of charcoal sticks, conte crayons (lots of sanguine, my favorite), woodless graphite pencils, mostly 9B, graphite sticks, 2 litho sticks, pencil sharpener, chamois cloth, a box of Pink Pearl erasers, straight edge blades, sandpaper block, a box of band-aids, fingernail clippers

3 Drawing boards, and a few masonite panels as well

All of my oil paints, (how can I possibly leave any of my dear colors behind?) including several huge tubes of my favorite underpainting color

Most of my good sable brushes

A few crappy brushes

A box-o-rags from Rose Brand

My ceramic butcher trays and several pads of disposable palette paper

2 Glass jars with coils

1 Liter bottle of Liquin (maybe 2)

A gallon of Turpenoid natural

Primed oil paper pads, Daler-Rowney in a variety of sizes

Tape, white, masking, blue

Box of latex gloves

A gallon of gesso

Gesso brush

As many panels as I can fit in my car

A roll of primed canvas, maybe

Roll of glassine paper

And for those times when I feel like I need to just putter in the studio rather than paint:

My toolbox which will have a hammer, nails, my drill, and hanger supplies (for the panels)

Black paint

Ace Hardware sanding blocks, coarse

Digital camera


ipod with the awesome headphones that Doug gave me for Christmas

Personal Items:

Clothing (duh)
My pillow
A blanket
A stack of books
Knitting project
An alarm clock
My watch, which needs a new battery
Cell phone and charger
Laptop computer and accompanying cords and attachments
My new bifocal eyeglasses which will be really great for drawing from the figure-no more choosing between the blurry figure (glasses off) or being bothered by working close (glasses on)
Cold weather gear, including my fake fur hat with the ear flaps that makes me look like a Russian!

Any other suggestions? I am sure I am forgetting something....


Tracy Helgeson said...

Oh, a ruler and/or a tape measure.

Anonymous said...

When I travel, I always take a tail feather from each of my birds. And, well, my husband gave me an orange stuffed tiger once. I always take that too.

Unknown said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff! You are going to be so busy and productive.

The knitting is a great down-time (will there be some?) activity. My 20-something daughters have taken it up to combat stress.

Good luck in Vermont and I can't wait to see some pics of the work being done.

Making A Mark said...

When I go away now, my lists look like this. Really long and complicated ones for all the art stuff and the clothing is sorted by just getting things out after I see how much space I've got left.

Don't make the mistake which I very nearly did of getting the knickers out and having them in a nice tidy pile - and then fogetting to pack them because I just remembered something else which needed packing for the art side.

I looked for my favourite forgettables - but you had them down.

My big top tip - take the list of all the art stuff with you and use it for when you come to start the packing to come back to make sure you retrieve everything!

Oh - and you forgot the battery charger for the camera! Plus spare more digi cards.

And a sketching stool - if you use one.

Kesha Bruce said...

I didn't know you were a knitter! Cool!

You have to go to River Muse Yarns while you're there. It's upstairs from the health-food store at 2 Lower Main Street.

Tell Susannah that Kesha says hello from France.

Lisa Call said...

What an inspiring list. Think of all the great art you will make with those awesome supplies!

Casey Klahn said...

Just me - I would take a few books to switch off my art mind when needed.

Do you have some subject/content resources, or will you do all snow scenes? Maybe they're on your laptop, but that crossed my mind.

You rock !

Andrea and Kim said...

A wonderful list, Tracy! The most important thing is to have a delightfully, creative time. I am sure it will be hard, but it will be very, very good, too!

It will be exciting to see what you are able to accomplish there...I am sure more than you are even expecting.


Tracy Helgeson said...

Susan, What a great idea, a feather from your birds. It sounds like good luck! I would take one from each of m chickens, but somehow that doesn't seem quite so positive. Their butts get kind of crusty in the winter:)

Thanks, Jayne. Yes, that's what I was thinking for some down time-I am too old to be working in the studio ALL the time!

Katherine, good tip on taking the list along-I will do that. I am sure I will forget something, but my husband can send me things and he will even be driving up with the kids after a few weeks, so he could bring stuff if I need it. Thanks for the reminder about the battery charger!

Kesha, I will say hi but really I shouldn't go there-you cannot believe how much yarn I already have in my stash and it would literally look as if I were crazy if I were to buy more. But I probably will anyway:)

Thanks Lisa, it was really fun to make up the list-feeling more real that I am going!

Casey, Ooh, thanks for the reminder about the references, I have a whole box of photos to take. And I am planning to take some lightweight fiction, plus I may take a new book I have about Richard Diebenkorn. I considered taking more art books, but I hear they have a library there, so I'll just check that out.

More next week on what I am planning to work on while at the residency.

Thanks Kim! This will definitely be interesting...

Lindsay said...

how about a shirpa to carry it all. Sounds like you are all set!

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

wow what a list... doesn't sound like you forgot anything, but I ditto the books, sometimes you just need to read to relax... said...

Hey Tracy, boy, you are WAY more prepared than I was when I came up here. Since I'm from Dallas, I had to fly up here (are you driving?) and so only brought my brushes and a few things but bought all the paint and canvas up here. The art supply store up here is fabulous and will get you anything you need and their prices are better than any I have seen.

I started gessoing paper and was just going to do that but got anxious to start so bought prepared canvas and just tacked it to the wall and have liked that a lot. If you plan on doing that, bring a staple gun, (I used tacks but that is annoying sometimes) But don't worry about forgetting supplies, they will have it here, they provide an easel, stool, table and chair in your studio, which is nice, and are really helpful if you need something else. I forgot the chord to download pictures to my camera so have had to borrow that a few times, don't forget that pesky cord!

You are going to have a great time here, the food is AMAZING and everything is taken care of so you just have to think about what you want to do. there is a hardware store close by, also, for anything else you might want.

Thanks for your compliments on my paintings, it couldn't have been a better time to come, I feel like i've learned a lot about my work and how I want to proceed. Good Luck!

Deborah Paris said...

Wow- big list!- and good to know there are supplies available there just in case. But, it sounds like you have it covered- but I agree about the books. I just finished Twyla Tharp's book The Creative Habit- might be a good read for those deep winter nights. Have a great time- look forward to reading the posts and seeing the work!

Anonymous said...


Tracy Helgeson said...

Anonymous, Ha! Very funny, but no hubby, no condoms necessary.

Too bad you are too chicken to put your name to that suggestion.

Deborah Paris said...

Tracy- I meant to ask- what type of cloths do you use from Rose? I need a good lint free cloth for lay ins (underpainting) and also for rubbing/wiping glazes etc. The ones I have are from The Rag Lady- ok, but not great.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Deborah, I use the cotton rags, they are like t-shirts, although they are not lint free. Here is the link.