Friday, January 4, 2008


Thursday was a very nice relaxed day for me and I thoroughly enjoyed having the house to myself (kids at school, Doug in the city). Um, you know, so I could do laundry and clean with MY music blaring throughout the house.

Surprisingly though, what I really wanted to do was to paint. Usually I feel like a limp dishrag for at least a few days after I ship or deliver work for a show and I generally take some time off before getting back to work. But seeing my work all spread out at the gallery on Wednesday inspired me to get right back to it. It all looked awesome together! The process of painting for this show had been filled with stops and starts, not to mention a few gaps filled with work from another show. And even though I always spread the work out and look at it as a group for a show beforehand, strangely, this time it didn't even cross my mind to do that. So I was pretty lucky that it worked out.

Anyway, after seeing everything and having a (positive) conversation with the gallery director on Wednesday about the larger paintings I felt really excited about starting a few more. I forced myself to take one day and clean up so that I wouldn't be distracted by that, OR grossed out by the condition of our downstairs bathroom, and then this morning I spent a few hours doing two underpaintings, both sized 30x40. I would have liked to do a few more but I had a hair appointment, which frankly, takes precedent. Heh. Maybe I'll do a few more on Sunday.

That is unless, the opening tomorrow sends me into Post Show Meltdown, of course.


Unknown said...

Hi Tracey,
the reason why I like to read your blog is that you are talking so openly about feelings and emotions during your work and outside of your work without being so drop dead serious all the time. Many artists are taking themselves soooo important but in the end we are just ordinary people :> - aren't we - just with a bit different profession and a slightly crazy touch?
It is very interesting to read about what you are saying about a "Post Show Meltdown" and I think the best way to get over it, is taking it with humour and coolness, possibly doing something completely different, such as computerwork or just being outdoors on the hunt for new inspiration. The latter I find is the best to get over any kind of depression.
I have realized if I give too much importance to those depressive feelings I make it even worse. It is better to just accept it, get over it and go forward.
Wish you a lovely weekend. I am working on a completely new project which is very exciting for me as I discover a lot of new things...

gary rith said...

yeah, housekeeping, ugh.....

Anonymous said...

i stumbled on your blog in one of those rare days that i aactually surfed.

wonderful writing! great paintings!